REPORT: Trudeau’s ‘Canada’ Infrastructure Bank May Hire Foreign Banker As CEO


The Trudeau government’s so-called ‘Canada’ Infrastructure Bank (which puts $35 billion of Canadian taxpayer dollars into a fund dominated by Wall Street and Foreign Banks), may not even hire a Canadian as CEO.

This means it’s quite possible that a foreign banker will be in control of tens of billions of dollars of Canadian taxpayers money.

It’s a disgrace.

That possibility was revealed in a BNN article, which said the following:

“Since receiving approval from Parliament in June, the bank has named former Royal Bank CFO Janice Fukakusa as its first chairperson. Other priorities include naming its board of directors, which multiple sources say could be announced in the coming weeks. The bank has also been conducting a global search for its CEO.

While Fukakusa is Canadian, it seems the Trudeau government won’t be appointing her as the CEO, which is a big mistake. Instead, they’re looking in other countries.

Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that the globalist Trudeau government would rather not hire a Canadian for the job. After all, they put Canada’s interests last every chance they get. Yet, it’s still a total disgrace that out of all the 35 million people in our country, the Trudeau government may not think that even one of them is qualified to lead a fund that is supposed to be serving Canada.

Of course, we know the fund won’t serve Canada. After all, it’s been set up in such a way that Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for all the losses, while all the profits will go to the banks. Additionally, there is no stipulation that the board of directors must be composed of Canadians, which creates a massive conflict of interest. How can we have a taxpayer funded bank being run in large part by foreign bankers when foreign banks could directly profit from it – all at the expense of Canadian taxpayers? It’s quite possible we will end up paying tolls for our own infrastructure, with that money leaving our pockets and going into the pockets of millionaire bankers around the globe.

It’s a fraud, a disgrace, and a betrayal of Canadian taxpayers, and it’s yet further evidence that Trudeau puts his powerful globalist cronies ahead of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Roger Shelswell

Oh Mt GOD NO What next is this fool going to do to destroy our country

Sgt Norb

That IS his intent!!! He is destroying Canada to make us the “first post-national territory in the world”, in his own words! That pretty much can be interpreted as he is selling Canada out to the globalists!!!

alan skelhorne

another case in pooiunt , that i have been saying, this little quebecer got in, 100% totally anti-canadian. what will it take for canada to stand up n flood the streets of canada to get this guy out of our government.

jack grandville

This is typical of the Trudeau mentality — not only un-Canadian, but in fact anti-Canadian. Like daddy, like son. Distressingly, the same results are present and will continue until and unless this traitor is removed from office.

Timothy J Hickey

Canada needs a Prime Minister!

In 2019 338 Courageous Canadians will STAND for election as Non-Partisans committed to serving the Will of a Real Majority of Canadians!

Serving notice now, that this infrastructure bank will be shut down, closed, and the Bank of Canada will once again become the Source of Infrastructure funding for Made in Canada Projects!

Justin Trudeau ~ Scrap the appointments, save Canadians from this boondoggle, and the sell out of our National Sovereign Will!

Trudeau refuses to replace adjudicator Judges as to Immagrant Vetting, refuses to higher Canadian Scholars to top Univercity positions. Does not grant large Maintenance Contracts to Canadian Companies. Refuses to build Canada’s military. Calls Canadians white Supremist Racists. Tells Grass root Canadians that immagrints are more deserving of Canada. Gives Convicted Terrorist 10.5 million plus tells Canadians that the terrorist act was less than feelings of the Terrorist. I for one would like to know how this Family became Canadian Citizens once the background of the Father , Mother, Sister and Brother is brought to light. Also the involvement that… Read more »


Don’t forget Obama and NON Profit CANADA 2020