TRUDEAU TROUBLE: Support For A Conservative Win Surges, Trudeau Approval Falls, Pessimism On Economy

More Canadians now want to see the Trudeau Liberals defeated.

A new Angus-Reid poll shows more Canadians want a Conservative government than a Liberal one, and are pessimistic about their own personal financial situations – despite all the talk of supposed “economic growth.”

The poll contains a lot of bad news for Trudeau, and even the good news for him is trending negative. While the poll shows 50% of Canadians approving of him, 45% disapprove. The Angus-Reid poll often shows Trudeau’s approval higher than other surveys, and the 50% mark is his lowest in any Angus-Reid poll since the 2015 election.

Additionally, Trudeau faces more intense opposition than intense support. A full 27% of Canadians strongly disapprove of him, while just 14% strongly approve. This is the kind of intensity that drives voter turnout. It also speaks to the fact that outside his fawning fan club, Trudeau’s support is not very deep, with many Canadians saying they support him because it’s seen as the politically correct position, rather than actually approving of his performance in office.

More Canadians want a change in government

The most ominous number for Trudeau is the number of Canadians who say they want a change in government. 45% say the Trudeau Liberals should be replaced by a new party, while just 34% want the Liberals to be re-elected. That’s almost 6% points below the percentage of the vote they won in 2015. 22% say they are not sure whether it’s time for a change in government or not.

While Trudeau has a 33% to 18% lead over Scheer when it comes to who would be the best Prime Minister, this isn’t surprising considering Scheer is a new and still largely unknown leader, and Trudeau is already Prime Minister. Additionally, more Canadians say the Conservatives (36%) would make the best government compared to the Liberals (33%).

Scheer leads on the economy

Despite the establishment media trying to push the narrative that our economy is “growing,” Canadians appear to be seeing through the spin. With household debt at record levels, exports falling, the trade deficit growing, government debt rising, wages stagnant, food bank usage up in Canada’s largest city, senior poverty increasing, and deficits as far as the eye can see, there is clearly a serious problem with our economy. Add to that the growing backlash against Trudeau’s tax attack on the middle class, and it’s no surprise that Canadians are turning against his economic “management.”

As a result, Scheer – despite being a relative unknown to many voters – now leads Trudeau 29% to 24% on who is best suited to deal with the economy. This is a devastating number for Trudeau, since he was elected in large part for promising that he would get the economy working for the middle class. Clearly, Canadians are seeing that Trudeau’s promises were nothing but lies.

And when it comes to the personal financial situation of Canadians, it’s clear that we don’t feel the economy is getting better for us.

29% say their standard of living is worse now than it was last year, and only 15% say it’s better. Meanwhile, 54% say it’s the same. Projections for the future are pessimistic, with 25% saying their standard of living will be worse next year than it is now, while 18% say it will be better, and 49% say it will be the same. So, the widespread economic situation being faced by Canadians is either stagnation or decline.

This fits with what I’ve been saying for some time as the establishment tried to push the “economic boom” narrative. The benefits of any economic growth are going to a tiny sliver of the population – the well-connected elites in a few enclaves in major cities. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Canadians are seeing zero progress, or falling behind.

Big opportunity for the opposition

Trudeau came to power on a wave of media-induced mania. He still retains a somewhat formidable cult of personality with about 1/3rd of Canada’s population. Yet, it seems some of his media image is wearing off as the actual results of his policies are being seen in day-to-day life. As a result, the opposition has a big opportunity, but victory is by no means guaranteed.

The elitist establishment wants Trudeau to remain in power, and we can expect much of the media to do everything they can to support him and try to boost his weakening image. Additionally, the usual fear-mongering campaign against the Conservatives will soon ramp up, and a desperate Trudeau government will plumb new depths of dishonesty and cynicism in their attempt to retain dominance.

That’s why those of us who can clearly see the damage Trudeau is doing must keep using every possible avenue to get the truth out to Canadians, and make sure that Trudeau and his government are decisively defeated in 2019.

View the full poll here

Spencer Fernando


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