WATCH: Scheer Shreds Trudeau On Disgusting Payment To Omar Khadr

Rather than condemn Khadr’s actions, Trudeau attacks the previous Canadian government. Pathetic.

Today in Question Period, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer asked the question millions of Canadians want answered: Why did Justin Trudeau give $10.5 million in Canadian taxpayers money to Omar Khadr when the previous government had already fulfilled any “legal duty” to Khadr by repatriating him?

Trudeau’s response was weak, and also disturbing.

Not only did he refuse to condemn Khadr’s actions, or in any way hold Khadr responsible for what took place, he actually said “Khadr’s behaviour” isn’t the “issue.” Then, he blamed it all on previous governments, taking zero responsibility for his own disgraceful actions.

First of all, the “behaviour” of Khadr that Trudeau is so keen to downplay was the killing of an American soldier. Why would Trudeau leave that out? And second, Scheer correctly points out that the previous government repatriated Khadr and thus fulfilled any so-called “duty” the government had. Yet Trudeau then decided anyway to give Khadr even more money with his massive disgusting payment.

Also, notice how Trudeau says “Khadr,” when giving his answer. What’s up with that?

Watch the Question Period exchange below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Trudeau’s answer was pathetic and disturbing, and it makes him look almost more sympathetic to Khadr rather than to previous Canadian governments. To think that someone with that mindset is in the Prime Minister’s office is deeply concerning for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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Imagine how sanctimonious he can get ….only when it suits his agenda and ….then it makes no sense in more ways than one….like a brainless child that he is …


He NEVER makes sense!!!


TRU-DOPE=“The thief, as will become apparent, was a special type of thief. This thief was an artist of theft. Other thieves merely stole everything that was not nailed down, but this thief stole the nails as well.”

Pamela wood

” impeach him. or what ever it is we do in Canada. he has proven over and over that he can not handle the job as an adult. even if he won by the majority, he should still be made accountable to other parties. NO PARTY should be able to do what this traitor has done to Canada. and still have the ball to not answer anyones questions. does he even realize that he is NOT on stage.


Trudeau has made lying as his greatest quality next to narcissism. If he’s so proud of Khadr bring him to Invictus Games to meet Allies he helped maim. Khadr is an Afghan veteran after all.

Bob Toner

All Canadians that includes liberals, NDP, Green, and Conservatives now know Trudeau and his MPs can not be trusted or believed. The only thing we all can expect is arrogance and deception.
It is time to support Andrew Scheer as he stands up for our Canadian values, Canadian small business, Canadian CULTURE, Canada as a Nation, our freedom and liberties!
Say good bye to Trudeau and his UN agenda 21 trying to topple Canada by purposely putting Canadians in poverty, breaking Canadian values, culture, education and taking away our freedoms and liberties.


What I find surprising is that the condition for Khdar to be repatriated is that he DOES NOT SUE THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT FOR ANYTHING. I assume that our representatives in government have good lawyers and that they had Khadr sign legal paperwork. So what happened to that paperwork and Khadr’s promise? On top of the murder Khadr committed, he lied, and get rewarded all for that. Trudeau and his representatives are terrible negotiator. My 12 year old negotiates better deals.


While Justin continues to defend a terrorist against us, here’s what going on at a committee. A must read by all Canadians: Liberals Must Be Transparent with Canadians “Instead of actually addressing the illegal border crossing situation, Prime Minister Trudeau has been building refugee camps at the US/Canada border, and diverting resources away from legitimate refugees who are fleeing persecution and violence. This is unacceptable. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to call on the government to address this growing problem and to be transparent with Canadians,” said Rempel. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE AND OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE WHAT THE… Read more »


He’s a Liberal Lying Lunatic Loser!!!!!! NEVER CAN TELL TRUTH..NOT IN HIS BLOOD!!


He still hasn’t said why he gave Khadr the money when it wasn’t called for.

jack grandville

Every time there is a discourse in which ‘he’ must make a direct answer, he circumvents the real answer by concocting something relative to the past — and at that he is wrong. However, we must hope that Andrew Scheer can/will every day continue the attack on all the bad decisions this fool has made which have virtually ’emptied the bank,’ leaving next-generation and likely the following generation deeply in debt for no fault of their own — only because of his either selfish or sanctimonious decisions for which they are not (or should not) be held responsible.


It seems to me that the only one’s paying for Omar Khadr’s terrorist activities is the Canadian taxpayer. It is ludicrous to think that he deserves a single cent, and that we are the one;s to have to pay it.


Spencer – should END with a Scheer ‘takedown’, not with dumb dumb. I want to hear more of Andrew Scheer than I do idiot boy Trudeau.