DISLOYAL: Trudeau Government Sides With China Over Canadian MP In Visa Dispute

A disturbingly disloyal attitude from the Trudeau government.

Once again, the Trudeau government has shown a willingness to put the interests of China ahead of the interests of Canadians. As reported by the Canadian Press, when MPs were planning a Parliamentary trip to China, Opposition House Leader Candice Bergen left a few details out of her passport.A few days before the trip, Bergen was told that her Visa application was denied, meaning she was left behind.

Interestingly, other MPs on the trip left out similar information, but only Bergen was denied the ability to enter China. Of note, Bergen had already been to China before, and had a special diplomatic passport. Yet, instead of standing up for a fellow Canadian, the Trudeau government did nothing to push back or get her a Visa.

Said Bergen, “It was just crickets,” from the government. “No word at all from anybody on the Liberal side and they all went on the trip.” Even worse, the Liberal messaging actually seemed to be defending China, rather than defending Bergen.

A spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said “All Canadians seeking to visit a foreign country should comply with the entry procedures required by that country. No Canadian is obliged to fill out an application required to visit another country, however, they might be refused entry if they choose not to do so. Similarly, Canada expects that all visitors to our country comply with the appropriate laws and regulations.”

Note the equivalence the Trudeau government draws between Canada (a democratic nation), and authoritarian China.

Of course, Conservative MP Cathy McLeod revealed that she also left out similar info and was given the ability to visit – though she did the right thing and decided not to go out of solidarity with Bergen.

“Free trade” connection?

As Bergen told the Canadian Press, Bergen thinks the Trudeau government is focused on a free trade deal with China (which would devastate our economy), and wasn’t willing to stand up against them on behalf of a fellow Canadian. “This is how they negotiate and it seems the Liberals, even on something like this, don’t seem to have the fortitude to be able to stand up to China and stand up for Canadians and in this case, a Canadian parliamentarian,” said Bergen.

This is another disturbing example of disloyalty from the Trudeau government, and it’s more evidence that they prefer serving the interests of China over the interests of Canadians. The government should have exerted diplomatic pressure to ensure China allowed Bergen into the country, or everyone should have refused to go on the trip in order to send a message that they stood with a fellow Canadian, as opposed to a foreign government.

Instead, the Trudeau government put out a message designed to criticize Bergen and defend China. It’s total disloyalty, and it’s incredibly disturbing. If this is how weak and pathetic the Trudeau government is on a visa dispute, imagine how horribly our country will be betrayed in “free trade” talks with China’s ruthless government.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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jack grandville

What else? This attitude is the ‘new normal’ in Canadian politics.

Sean Short

This just stinks of back room deals being made and anti-Canadian attitudes from our own government. Just as in the last incarnation of Liberal Party leadership the corruption, graft and anti-Canadian sentiment continues unabated.