INSANE: Trudeau Government Pays Khadr Millions, But Fights Indigenous Child In Court Over $6K Dental Treatment

What the hell is wrong with this government?

A new report reveals that the Trudeau government spent $110,000 of taxpayer dollars in court in an effort to block payment for an Indigenous child to have dental treatment. The cost of the treatment? $6,000. That represents a $104,000 net loss for the government, not to mention is a disgraceful issue for the government to fight over.

According to the report, “The Cree teen, Josey Willier, had ongoing problems with her teeth that resulted in chronic aching pain in her lower gums. She took over-the-counter pain medication daily for two years because of extreme discomfort associated with impacted teeth and a severe overbite, among other ailments. A Calgary-based orthodontist, Mark Antosz, recommended braces to avoid invasive jaw surgery in the future.”

While Willier should have had coverage under the First Nations and Inuit Health Benefit Program, Health Canada – run at the time by Jane Philpott – refused to pay for the treatment, and rejected all appeals. So, Willier’s mother took the government to court. Instead of paying $6K for the procedure, the government spent $110,336 on legal fees (probably going to many Liberal donors). The case has not yet been decided, meaning the legal fees will keep growing.

As MP Charlie Angus said, “Jane Philpott is a medical doctor, and she goes along with using lawyers to deny services — that’s simply perverse, it’s bordering on institutional malevolence.”

Making the hypocrisy even worse, the Trudeau Liberals voted in support of a parliament motion saying the government would stop fighting in court against Indigenous families seeking services covered under law by the federal government. Yet, two days after that vote, they went back to court and kept fighting against covering the $6K treatment.

As Indigenous activist Cindy Blackstock said, “As a taxpayer, I’m absolutely floored that Canada would spend $110,000 defending [against] a $6,000 investment to help a child. They could have used that money to buy 18 children in medical need the orthodontic services they needed.”

Indigenous child denied treatment, yet Trudeau pays Khadr over $10 million

This is all made worse by the fact that the Trudeau government refused to fight Omar Khadr in court, and instead gave him over $10 million in taxpayers dollars. They didn’t fight, they didn’t push back, they didn’t do anything to stop it. It’s disgusting. Trudeau has treated someone who admits to killing an American soldier far better than his government treated an Indigenous child needing dental treatment.

What the hell is wrong with this government?

Spencer Fernando


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