BREAKING: Edmonton Terrorist Attack Suspect Identified As Abdulahi Hasan Sharif

Experts say the attack fits pattern of Islamist terrorism.

The authorities have identified Abdulahi Hasan Sharif as the suspect in the Edmonton terror attack.

In the attack, a police officer was stabbed, and four pedestrians were run down by the attacker, who had an ISIS flag.

Justin Trudeau released a statement, which was criticized by many for repeating his empty “diversity is strength” rhetoric, while ignoring the fact that an ISIS flag was seized at the scene of the attack (something reported by almost all Canadian news outlets and outlets world-wide.)

Experts are saying the attack fits the pattern of previous ISIS-motivated Islamist terrorist attacks. The leader of ISIS called for vehicle and knife attacks against western nations – including Canada.

Now, questions will be asked about whether the suspect was under surveillance already, as the police say he was “known to authorities.” Many will also demand to know what the government is doing to protect Canadians from further Islamist terror attacks.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter