Jagmeet Singh Wins NDP Leadership

Singh won 53.8% of the vote, scoring a win on the first ballot.

Jagmeet Singh has won the NDP leadership vote in a landslide.

Here are the results:

  • Jagmeet Singh – 35,266 votes
  • Charlie Angus – 12,705 votes
  • Niki Ashton – 11,374 votes
  • Guy Caron – 6,164 votes

“Campaigns are never about one person; today is testament to an incredible team,” said Singh. “I don’t have the words to capture this journey and how this feels right now. It’s an incredibly profound honour.”

Social Justice Warrior defeats Working Class Champion

Jagmeet Singh’s victory represents a win for the social justice warrior wing of the NDP, which is focused heavily on political correctness, constantly discussing racial issues, and increasing globalism. Meanwhile, Charlie Angus represented the once-dominant working class wing of the NDP, which had focused on policies to help manufacturing and resource workers, pushing back against failed trade deals, and addressing growing income inequality.

Good news for Andrew Scheer, bad news for Justin Trudeau

Many of Charlie Angus’ working class supporters could be won over to the Conservatives, if the Conservatives can push more of a economic nationalist and populist message. For example, Scheer has already promised to oppose any free trade deal with China, and making that a big part of his campaign could peel away some of the NDP’s working class supporters.

Meanwhile (because he is a similar politician to Trudeau), Singh may win many younger voters who went to Trudeau in 2015, and could draw voters away from the Liberals left flank, at the same time as the Liberals lose voters on the centre-right who oppose Trudeau’s tax hikes, regulations, and budget deficits. If that takes place, and the Conservatives can increase their support among working-class voters, the Trudeau Liberals will be in big trouble.

WATCH: Jagmeet Singh victory speech

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Not good!
Singh’s recent NDP leadership win will result impacting 2019 Federal election with Andrew Scheer getting minority win.
[email protected]


L we can only hope that this will dethrone the farce Trudeau

K. aka Kel

L., that’s what the scenario will look like, and Singh & Trudeau will oppose ANY motion presented by the Conservatives. Unless Scheer gets a majority, Canada is sunk. This horrible news.

Roger Shelswell

Good that should be the end of the n d p in Canada

Eunice bailey miller

I won’t be voting for him

Any Party would be a great blessing to Canada if Trudeau and his Liberals, his Media, and his Billionare influences are gone preferably in jail for the laws that he has broken and the ones he will break. It is clear that he is abusing the power that he received with a majority win. I am so sick of hearing him say what Canadians want, he has no clue as what Canadians want. If he did he would know Canadians want him gone or in Jail