REPORT: Edmonton Terrorist Was “Known To Authorities”

Edmonton’s police chief says the terrorist who stabbed a police officer and ran over pedestrians was known to police.

It’s a disturbing parallel to the many Islamist terror attacks that have taken place across Europe.

As noted by CTV News, “Knecht said he was known to police, but there was no warning for the attack.”

The authorities have the 30-year-old suspect in custody, but have not yet released his name. An ISIS flag was found in the car the terrorist used to hit the officer.

The fact that the suspect was known to authorities is very disturbing.

Many people have fled Canada, fought for ISIS abroad, and then been allowed to enter back into Canada, instead of being jailed or deported. Many others who were known to be ISIS supporters were also allowed to roam free, putting innocent Canadians at risk.

At this point, whether that’s what happened here is still unknown, and more details are expected at a press conference later today.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube