REPORT: RCMP Says Edmonton Terror Suspect Is Somali Refugee Claimant

In a press conference, authorities have confirmed that the suspect in the Edmonton terror attack – Abdulahi Hasan Sharif – was a Somali national and a refugee claimant who was originally investigated 2015.

Further details on the specific time he arrived in Canada has not yet been released, though the RCMP spokesman says that info will be released at a later time.

The injured officer Constable Mike Chernyk suffered stab wounds to his head and face, but has been released from hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

It has also been revealed that authorities received reports that Sharif had been espousing Islamist extremist rhetoric, and launched an investigation into him and others. However, the authorities somehow decided that Sharif wasn’t a threat, and no charges or actions were taken against him. Sharif is now being questioned, and has been charged with terrorism offences and five counts of attempted murder.

Watch the Press Conference below:

Spencer Fernando

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Eunice bailey miller

Deport him


Trudeau is so stupid to be letting these people in without proper vetting. Now we have huge problems. This is just the beginning!!!


Agreed, can I say TOLD YOU SO. Trudeau and posse need to leave office.


Now we are going to have to pay and support him when it was known that he was a risk. The wallet is not a money tree.

Russ Cooper

We should not be surprised that we have no idea who we are bringing into the country. After all, John McCallum, when he was Minister of Immigartion, stated that his department had no idea how many children our “vetted” refugees were bringing in from “Syria”. If we don’t know that, how could we know what they’re thinking?


and Trump is being blamed for putting Somali on the list of banned entries in the country ??? our famous WE LOVE YOU ALL , COME ON COME ALL debutante would be well advised to listen and learn ….