Terror Attack In Edmonton: Officer Stabbed, Pedestrians Run Down, ISIS Flag Seized

“There were people flying and everything. I’m shocked — I just see people flying.” –  Witness

Edmonton has been hit by a terrorist attack.

A 30-year-old suspect is in custody after running over a police officer, stabbing the officer numerous times, and deliberately targeting pedestrians while fleeing police. 

An ISIS flag was found in a vehicle used by the attacker, and police are investigating the attack as an act of terrorism.

Edmonton Terror Attack ISIS Flag In Vehicle

As reported by the Edmonton Journal, The attack began around 8:15 pm, when a man rammed a Chevy Malibu into a police officer, sending him 15 feet through the air. The attacker then stabbed the police officer multiple times with a knife.

The officer is said to be in “not critical condition,” giving him a good chance to pull through.

After the attack on the officer, police began a manhunt, and the suspect was pulled over while driving a U-Haul truck. After police asked for ID, the suspect fled, leading police on a high speed chase downtown. While fleeing police, the suspect “deliberately tried to hit pedestrians in crosswalks and alleys,” according to Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht.

One witness said, “There were people flying and everything. “I’m shocked — I just see people flying.” 

Police were able to overturn the U-Haul, and take the 30-year-old suspect into custody. While searching the vehicle, police found an ISIS flag, making it very like the attack was Islamist terrorism.

Four pedestrians were reportedly hit by the terrorist and taken to hospital. As of yet, there is no word on their condition. The authorities are telling Edmonton residents to remain vigilant.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube


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Sheila Robillard

And who knows just how many Justin Trudeau has let in. This might just be the start.

Chris vrecko

Thank you to our govt. for this. We all knew it was coming we just didn’t know where. And when the bill is passed we will go to jail for speaking of it.


This is what Trudeau wants. He hates anything to do with the Canadian people so he does whatever his satanic master George Soros tells him to do. I’m going to move to the USA as soon as I can. It seems President Trump is the only leader who is actually on the side of the people these days.
I wonder if the fake media will mention the isis flag or that this terrorist was an illegal immigrant, if so, maybe Trudeau will give him a few million dollars for a job well done.

Sally Ann

http://www.thefreedictionary.com/diversity 2. diversity – the condition or result of being changeable
condition, status – a state at a particular time; “a condition (or state) of disrepair”; “the current status of the arms negotiations”

Or should we say current status of Canada.
Thank u and thank u mr. Does no one hv access to a dictionary? It’s free‍♀️


This was totally preventable. We can thank “diversity” for this. Sadly, this is only the beginning!!!

Clive Edwards

The danger with war propaganda is that most people believe it. Some stupid young Canadian thought he was doing the right thing by standing with the terrorists, even though it is proven that the U.S. and Britain fund, equip and train ISIS, Al Quaida or whatever they are called this month. It has also been proven that many terrorist attacks are “black flags” (pardon the pun on the Isis flag). Now that the propaganda has proven effective at inciting young idealists to acts of stupidity, the state security groups don’t need to lead these kids by the hand on how… Read more »