WATCH: Maxime Bernier VS Moneybags Morneau On Tax Hikes

In Question Period, Maxime Bernier points out that Morneau-Sheppell could profit from the tax hikes by selling pension plans to those impacted. Big potential conflict-of-interest.

Maxime Bernier is bringing attention to a big possible conflict-of-interest. It turns out that Morneau-Sheppell, the firm that helped make Bill Morneau into Moneybags, could sell pension plans to those impacted by the Trudeau-Moneybag tax attack on Canadian small businesses. That means Morneau-Sheppell could profit from the changes while Canadian small businesses suffer.

Surely, that’s just a coincidence…

Watch the great question by Bernier, and the predictably garbage response from Moneybags Morneau.


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter