DISGRACEFUL HYPOCRITES: “Feminist” Trudeau Liberals Force Woman To Chair Committee Against Her Will

Rachael Harder’s nomination to chair the status of women committee was rejected when the Trudeau Liberals forced Karen Vecchio to chair the committee – even though she didn’t want the position.

In an outrageous act of hypocrisy, the Trudeau government tried to prove their “feminist” credentials by forcing Karen Vecchio to chair the status of women committee – even though Vecchio said she didn’t chose to take that post. As CTV wrote in their headline, “Conservative pick for status of women chair defeated, Vecchio named against her will.”

When pushed forward by the Trudeau Liberals, Vecchio said “Although I appreciate the nomination, I would like to back down from the nomination.”

The Trudeau Liberals ignored her and forced her to take the position anyway.

So, this is what feminism means to the Trudeau Liberals in 2017: Block the nomination of a woman who chooses to lead a committee, and appoint another woman to chair it against her will – all for political purposes. It’s total hypocrisy, and it’s disgraceful.

When the Conservatives nominated Rachael Harder, a pro-life MP from Alberta, the Trudeau Liberals rejected her nomination, because of her pro-life, and supposedly “anti-trans” views. This is despite the fact that the opposition is traditionally allowed to pick whoever they want to chair that committee, and Rachael Harder was their choice.

Instead of respecting that choice, and respecting the voters who elected Rachael Harder to Parliament, the Trudeau Liberals walked out of the meeting to block Harder’s nomination. Then, in the subsequent meeting, they voted for Conservative Karen Vecchio to chair the committee – even though Vecchio made very clear that she did not chose to put her name in the running for that position.

So, the supposedly feminist Trudeau Liberals have no trouble ignoring the political choice made by a female MP, and have no trouble blocking another MP because of the views she chooses to support. Trudeau obviously only believes women should have influence if they are supporting his agenda and his ideology, otherwise he disgracefully tries to block them and silence their voices.

It’s yet another example that Trudeau, and the Trudeau Liberals are disgraceful hypocrites.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Tired of Treason

I hope we survive as a country after the bums are thrown out of office.


A very undemocratic decision! So Trudeau decided for Karen Vecchio who is pro-euthanasia and pro-transgender and unnknown for abortion. Sounds like someone who would not be in favour of women. Next thing we would know with Trudeau, he would choose a transgender to be on a committee of status of women. Very much like Monsef who is in favour of sharia law big time and looks after the portfolio of women. I guess they will have to change the name of that portfolio to be named oppression of women.