Jagmeet The Press: Rough CBC Interview For New NDP Leader

Jagmeet Singh & reporter Terry Milewski have a tense exchange discussing the Air India bombing.

In an interview with Power & Politics on CBC, new NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was repeatedly asked the following question by reporter Terry Milewski: Is it acceptable for Talwinder Singh Parmar – who Milewski refers to as the architect of the Air India Bombings and Canada’s worst mass murderer – to be held up as a martyr and have posters of him displayed in a positive manner?

Singh was asked the question four separate times. Each time, he chose not to give a yes or no answer, instead trying to direct the conversation onto his vague Trudeau-style talking points – though he did clearly denounce the bombing as he has in the past. Watch the tense exchange below:

Jagmeet Singh wanted the interview questions ahead of time.

Before the interview began, Terry Milewski tweeted that Jagmeet Singh wanted the interview questions ahead of time, and threatened to cancel the interview if he didn’t get them.

Milewski also tweeted after the interview was over, drawing attention to Singh’s response to the question on Air India bomber martyr posters:

Insane political correctness: Far left attacks Milewski as “racist”

While Conservative politicians regularly get brutally grilled by the media, whenever someone on the left has a tough interview, leftists go crazy. Milewski is a tough interviewer, and asks tough questions of everybody regardless of their background or political ideology. And yet, only now – after asking tough questions of Singh – is the left now attacking him as a racist.

Others pushed back against the crazy political correctness:

Others pointed out that Milewski goes after everybody:

No political leader should be immune from criticism

Jagmeet Singh is like any politician, and he is not immune from criticism. The idea that Milewski is racist for asking questions of Singh is insane, and represents how out-of-control political correctness has become. This appears to be the tactic of the far-left: Call all criticism of Singh illegitimate of by accusing his critics of being racist. We need to make sure that tactic doesn’t work, because all prospective Canadian leaders must be willing to face tough questions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tired of Treason

If you do not agree with the left, you are a racists. Where is my Canada headed? Lets get rid of the word racists and bring the word thinker to the forefront. It is still a free country for now.


The word “racist” has been used so often and in so many contexts referring to so many things as to render it useless and irelevant. It is the purview of those with no legitimate argument or without the mental capacity to formulate even a bad one.


Absolutley! So agree!

don morris

The sad truth is there are influential members of the Sikh community who revere fellows who commit horrendous crimes in the name of the cause. That’s another of the many “elephants” in our multicultural paradise. In the early 1980’a,a Sikh names Santa Singh Tatlay,of Vancouver, murdered his daughter and son in law as he didn’t approve of their marriage. He did it by sending them an electric kettle full of plastic explosives as a wedding present. Tatlay was convicted and served 10 years in prison.On release he was welcomed back into the Vancouver Sikh community as a fundamentalist Sikh hero.… Read more »

Darlene Smith

Yup . Political Correctness, will destroy Canada and eventually our freedom of speech. Trudeau and his political feminist and followers are the fate of Canadians.

alan skelhorne

this so called interviwer is from the cbc, what more can you expect.he says he is not for the liberals, i would tell him to his fat ugly face, you are a liberal, because he is as arrogant as his boss trudeau.

Linda Drouin

He certainly could have asked him other questions. Like why is he supporting M103? Also why did he praise Fidel Castro after his death as being a great leader to his people? NDP, with all your problems getting elected why did you pick this man?