WATCH: Conservatives Launch Ad Campaign Against Trudeau Tax Hikes

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is featured in a new ad against Trudeau’s tax attack on Canadian small businesses.

The ad is reportedly set to run on TV and online, and matches the messaging of a radio campaign that has been running for some time. The ad can be seen below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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You have my vote.

Pamela wood

This majority vote, has to be changed by the next government. (heaven forbid it is the liberals) NO government should have the right to “not do what ever he promised” and do what ever that party feels like doing. There has to be some control over that party. Trudeau has already proven that, time and time again.


You have my vote also…but you have to get out and about in EACH City Andrew. Give some heads up notice and we will pack my City full in whatever venue needed!


thank you Andrew Scheer for standing for Canadians and being a man of sound mind and rational thought. Keep fighting the good fight!