Catalonia Exposes Hypocrisy and Authoritarianism Of The European Union

The globalist elites running the EU are fine with a country beating up people for trying to vote, but go crazy when a country wants to control their own borders or make independent economic choices.

The crisis in Catalonia has further exposed the hypocrisy and authoritarianism of the European Union. Many people in Catalonia want the region to become an independent country. Their pro-independence regional government sought to hold a referendum on independence, which the Spanish central government brutally suppressed. Watch some of the videos below:

Spanish central government police taking ballot boxes.

EU leaders weak response shows total their lack of support for democracy

The response to this terrible anti-democratic violence from the European Union has been incredibly weak. Rather than clearly condemning the actions of the Spanish government, EU “leaders” have given their usual weak and empty statements. Contrast that response to how they treated the U.K. when Brexit won, or how they treat countries like Poland who want to control their own borders, or how they treated Greece when the people of Greece voted against the economic policies the EU was imposing on them.

Nigel Farage pointed out the weakness of the EU response:

At each step, the trend is clear: The European Union rejects the basic idea of democracy, and acts in an authoritarian manner, then hypocritically pose as an “enlightened” place. It’s time to stop believing the charade.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube