GOOD: Conservatives Will Demand Trudeau Government Join U.S. Missile Shield

A long-overdue move towards protecting Canadians from a dangerous threat.

It is expected that the Conservatives will demand that the Trudeau government begins the process to join the U.S. ballistic missile shield. The demand comes as concerns over an attack from North Korea (which may now be able to reach North America with nuclear missiles) escalates.

The Conservative push to join the missile defence program will be reportedly led by Erin O’Toole and James Bezan, and is in line with the growing view that Canada is at risk.

As noted by the Canadian Press, “It also comes a few weeks after a senior Canadian military officer revealed that official U.S. policy is to not defend Canada in the event of a ballistic missile attack.” Disturbingly, Trudeau has said Canada will not join the program, which is a clear abdication of his duty to protect Canadians, especially as a growing group of security experts call on Canada to join the program.

Richard Fadden – a former National Security Advisor – pointed out that North Korea’s missile capabilities continue to increase. “The discussion is academic whether they can do it today or tomorrow or next week, because they’re going to be able to do it. So what are we going to do about it in this country? And what’s the United States going to do about it?”

Adds Fadden, “The (prime minister) and ministers have gone out of their way since the policy became public not to talk about it except to say everything is on the table but nothing is on the table. We can do a whole variety of things. But not talking about it, it seems to me, is unhelpful.”

The Conservatives are doing the right thing by pushing for Canada to join the missile defence program. Canadians deserve the best protection possible, and we can’t just hope for the best when it comes to the possibility of a ballistic missile attack.

Spencer Fernando