Looks Like Moneybags Morneau May Retreat On Tax Hikes

Massive pressure from the opposition and Canadian small businesses may be having an impact.

It seems that the Trudeau Liberals may be preparing to retreat from their tax attack on Canadian small businesses. Finance Minister Bill “Moneybags” Morneau has said “changes will be necessary” to the proposed tax hikes.

“Changes are going to be required — as we move forward we will have more information on timing,” said Morneau. “We do need to make sure we take into account people’s points of view. That means reviewing what we’ve received, making sure we fully understand it and responding appropriately.”

This is the kind of language a government uses when they’re planning to back down (without looking like they’re backing down). After all, the Trudeau government was hoping to ram the changes through without anyone fighting back, and were clearly caught off-guard by the massive outrage against the obvious tax grab. Morneau has said all aspects of the proposal could be changed, which means the proposals could be heavily adjusted from their current form.

This goes to show why it’s essential for Canadians to keep the pressure on the Trudeau government. Even though Trudeau and Moneybags are arrogant elitists who want to ram their globalist agenda through, some Liberal MPs still seem to have a conscience and still want to get re-elected again. Those MPs have heard intense opposition from many of their constituents – opposition which received more attention because of the Conservatives’ efforts and the efforts of many other groups – which would push them to demand changes.

Of course, we can’t be certain there will be real changes until they are actually announced. So, the pressure must be kept up, and the Trudeau government must be held accountable. If the Trudeau government makes significant changes to address the concerns about the tax grab, the Conservatives need to declare a win on the issue, and realize that tough opposition going forward is the best way to limit the damage being done by Trudeau. If the Trudeau government doesn’t make real changes, the Conservatives must keep hitting them on the issue, and make them pay a massive price at election time.

Campaign against elitist hypocrisy must continue

Regardless of whether or not there are big changes to the tax grab, the opposition must keep up the pressure on Trudeau and Moneybags for being massive hypocrites. The Trudeau government has refused to really go after offshore accounts, or close loopholes used by massive corporations to evade billions in taxes. Instead, they tried attacking Canadian small businesses and family farms. That cannot be forgotten, and the opposition needs to keep going after the hypocrisy and elitism of Trudeau’s government. They can’t let up the pressure, and they need to be tough, not fall into the trap of being “nice”.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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