READ: Brad Wall Rips Into Trudeau After Energy East Debacle, Questions Whether Western Canada Is Valued

Saskatchewan Premier doesn’t hold back after Trudeau’s destructive policies cause demise of Energy East.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Will ripped into Justin Trudeau and the federal government after the announcement that the Energy East and Eastern Mainline projects were being terminated. Read Wall’s statement below:

“Today is not a good day for Canada. It is not a good day for the federation. It is a very bad day for the west.

TransCanada made the decision to cancel Energy East – but make no mistake, the reasons for it fall at the feet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal government. They have been, at best, ambivalent about the project and then moved the goalposts at the last moment by asking the regulator to consider the impact of upstream greenhouse gas emissions.

Imagine if something like this was considered prior to the construction of auto assembly plants in Ontario or the factories that manufacture heavily subsidized jets in Quebec or the highways and rails that transport those products.

Former federal Liberal Cabinet Minister, and now Montreal Mayor, Denis Coderre cheers the cancellation of this pipeline. He who leads a city that, just 2 years ago, used a pipeline to dump 4.9 BILLION litres, or nearly 2,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence Seaway.

It is a good thing that Mr. Coderre’s hypocrisy needs no pipeline for conveyance, for it would need to be very large and could never get approved for construction.

When Coderre cheers for the end of this pipeline, he cheers for the imported oil we buy from Saudi Arabia, where women can now drive, but the public beheadings continue.

He is cheering against an energy sector in our country that employs thousands and has paid on average over the last 3 years $17 billion annually in taxes and royalties to Canadian governments.

$17 billion is enough to pay for 680 new schools, 1.8 million knee replacements and 4.25 million child care spaces. We have lost an opportunity to strengthen quality of life in Canada.

Beyond the immediate impact, there are other reasons to be concerned.

A new Liberal carbon tax, new Liberal tax changes for small business (that will hurt many in the energy sector and farmers), changes to the NEB applied only to this sector and not to others, and methane regulations that will not be mirrored south of the border, with whom we must compete for job creating investment dollars.

We have a company that committed more than a billion dollars to a project and made earnest efforts to address the concerns of the public and regulators. A company that made 700 changes to its plans as part of that response. Make no mistake, other companies’ decisions to invest in Canada will be informed by this debacle.

The expectation of course from the federal government, and some powerful central Canadian interests, is that the west will just grin and bear this latest blow to our economy and our people.

That our taxpayers in Saskatchewan and Alberta will continue to send, without question, about $2.5 billion in equalization payments to help support Quebec that receives $11 billion in equalization per year and $1.4 billion to Ontario. All of this despite the fact that low energy prices have resulted in job losses and lower revenues for the last 4 years.

Something needs to change. For the west to continue on like this in our federal system is the equivalent of having Stockholm syndrome.

The decision by TransCanada to cancel the Energy East project was made because of a lack of interest and leadership – or worse, intentional decisions and policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government. He should answer for this. He needs to be held accountable for this.

His actions and his government’s actions may well have some westerners wondering if this country really values western Canada, the resources we have, and the things we do to contribute to the national economy and to quality of life for all.”

Under the failed “leadership” of Justin Trudeau, Canada is clearly more divided now than ever before.

As Trudeau turns Canadians against each other for his own selfish gain, Canada is being torn apart.

Spencer Fernando

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Rebecca Van Sant

Awesome of Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall for going after Justin Trudeau. Enough is Enough for attacking the Canadian Oil and Gas Companies and pipe lines. Thank You for this news article.

James Murphy

It is time to separate from the Eastern Canada and begin new and better chapter for Western Canada.


I am disgusted at this decision to terminate the East pipelines….& I am from Quebec

June C Dobson

shame on you mr trudeau,,,,,that was one nasty trick you played just because you could,,, you should be ashamed of yourself, sounds like the Liberal party has lost a lot of votes because of your actions,, that was a very spitefull thing you did,you just proved your power,power that Canadians trusted you with,power that you used for your personal feelings,and to think i actually voted for you.I think Canadians will remember this nasty trick for a very long time.You were voted in for the people,all the people,,,,not just for your own personal gain,,,,you probably won’t read this but at least… Read more »


And imagine how many schools, knee replacements, senior service assistance and veterans financial support could be had with $90 billion that was sent to the United Nations last February for the year 2017 by the federal government. Yes, imagine.

Raymond of Canada

Imagine all the good that could be done in the world if there were no United Nations and all the fees and donations it collects were distributed to subsidize and improve education and health care throughout third world countries. The donating countries themselves would decide where their money is going.

D. Wayne Elhard

This is the strongest and most articulate statement by Premier Wall in a long simmering battle over resource development. It is clear that PMJT and his government have chosen to emasculate western Canada by reducing oil, gas and pipeline development to the bare minimum, or less. This, on top of every new, harmful tax proposal, is designed to bring Western Canadians to their knees. its time to stand up to the bully tactics emanating from OTTAWA.

Brenda Deverill

Common sense dictates what is right or wrong. Premier Wall demonstrates that quality. Eastern Canadian leaders have lost theirs along the way. Something/someone drastic is dividing our country which is lead by and orchestrated by none other than our pompous fool Justin Trudeau and his motley crew. No surprise that the west is talking separation now and that just might be common sense after all.

Chris Donohue

Great article Spencer. Always enjoy reading your insight. Like I’ve said before, Premier Wall is the only Premier in this country that is standing up to the idiocy that is the Federal Government.


It was a bad day for Trudeau and his incompetents as well, since Canadians will not forget the thoughtless, baseless, ill thought out policy’s and decisions of Trudeau and his government. Goodale will also ensure the demise of the majority of his rural members by resurrecting his ill thought out draconian gun legislation designed to once again appease the anti gun crowd by punishing innocent Canadians who love their shooting sports, while once again, doing absolutely nothing to actually tackle or deter actual criminals and crime. This unaccomplished globalist elitist bunch, have pretty much ensured their place in the dust… Read more »

jack grandville

You touched a nerve with your comment about Goodale and his resurrection of gun control — and, incidentally, are correct in your reasonings. I had the pleasure of debating Pierre’s version of gun control just prior to the 1979 election and was astounded at just how totally bereft of any intellectual understanding of the reality of ‘gun control’ and the impact it would have on the day-to-day lives of every lawful firearms owner in Canada. At that time his abysmal ignorance showed that he was (is) no more than the obedient little puppy doing his master’s bidding — and again,… Read more »

jack grandville

I must correct my comment above thusly: “I had the pleasure of debating Pierre’s version of gun control with Ralph Goodale just prior ………..”

Murray sanderson

How a out Brad Wall as the leader of a new country, maybe called Canada West? He would run a country properly!

Adam Firman

Very well said, we need someone like Brad Wall running the show. To Bad he is set to retire.


Spencer, listen to Moody’s view on the TAXES REFORM.
In Committee from the Senate of Canada
National Finance – October 4, 2017

Senators continue their study of the Minister of Finance’s proposed changes to the Income Tax Act concerning private corporations. Appearing before the committee are Kim G C Moody (Director for Canadian Tax Advisory at Moodys Cartner Tax Law LLP), Ian Pryor (Tax Lawyer at Pryor Tax Law), and Michael Wolfson (Professor of the School of Epidemiology and Public health and Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa).


Moody explained that business have called him ‘about moving out of canada’ which I am not surprised nor do I blame them.


I knew two years ago what Western Canada would be facing when Trudeau won the election. Mainly due to how crazy-in- love Central and Eastern Canada were for him and just how bloody egotistical Justin was. That smug “I can do whatever I want” attitude is the sign of a spoiled brat not a Prime Minister. I know that Quebec and the Maritimes will continue to stroke his ego and tell him how pretty he is, but I do have some hope Ontario might start to turn on him.


it’s okay Warren Buffet won’t hesitate to ship Canadian oil via rail through Quebec. Everyone there has forgotten about the oil/rail disaster in Lac Megantic by now.

chris malmstrom

perhaps it time for Western Canada to take a page from the Quebec playbook. Disembark from the ideology of the governmental morons and create a separatist movement to create real jobs and provide a pipeline without the “permission” of Trudeau and his group of Canadian traitors. Think anyone would listen? Let the drama teacher/white water rafting guide, know that his idea of a socialist Canada is not what real Canadians want, because killing the middle class is exactly that…forming a socialist state! Hey, Quebec got what they wanted…and more!