TERRIBLE: Energy East & Eastern Mainline Projects Terminated

Trudeau’s destructive changes to the National Energy Board have dealt a massive blow to Canadian jobs and Canadian energy independence.

TransCanada has announced that the Energy East Pipeline and Eastern Mainline projects have both been terminated. Here is part of the statement from Russ Girling, President and CEO of TransCanada:

“After careful review of changed circumstances, we will be informing the National Energy Board that we will no longer be proceeding with our Energy East and Eastern Mainline applications. TransCanada will also notify Quebec’s Ministère du Developpement durable, de l’Environnement, et Lutte contre les changements climatiques that it is withdrawing the Energy East project from the environmental review process.

We appreciate and are thankful for the support of labour, business and manufacturing organizations, industry, our customers, Irving Oil, various governments, and the approximately 200 municipalities who passed resolutions in favour of the projects. Most of all, we thank Canadians across the country who contributed towards the development of these initiatives.”

A terrible day for Canada

This is terrible news for our country. The $15.7 billion project would have created good jobs for Canadian workers, and would have helped us at least move closer to ending the absurd situation in which much of Eastern Canada imports oil from overseas (including Saudi Arabia), despite our massive oil reserves in Western Canada.

Now, that’s not going to happen, and our dependence on foreign oil could get even worse.

Make no mistake, this is a direct result of the destructive changes Justin Trudeau made to the National Energy Board, massively increasing regulations to the point where it’s way tougher to get any project approved. And this is all despite the fact that pipelines are by far the safest way to transport oil. Justin Trudeau’s policies have the direct result of weakening Canada’s energy independence, weakening our national strength, and empowering foreign oil producers.

We could have given a big boost to Canada’s energy industry, and helped make Canada more self-reliant. Now, all of that is lost.

And, note the massive contrast between how Trudeau bends over backwards for Bombardier while screwing over Canada’s energy industry. Trudeau should be helping all Canadian industries grow, not picking favorites. Instead, he shows total disloyalty to Western Canada.

Because of Trudeau, tens of billions of dollars worth of energy industry investment have been scrapped, making our nation poorer and far more vulnerable. Leaders are supposed to make their nations stronger, not weaker, but Justin Trudeau clearly has no interest in doing what’s right for Canadians.

He may as well be getting paid by the Saudis and other foreign oil countries for all the damage he’s doing to the Canadian energy industry.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Should be obvious to everyone now, that it is time to separate. The government and Quebec have sucked us dry. No reason to have anything to do with them anymore.

Pete Black CPA CA

This is a monumental mistake far surpassing his fathers annihilation of the oil patch in the 70’s.
The Trudeau family has single handedly dealt a death blow to our oil industry. There is no doubt Butts is at the bottom of this with his radical renewables at all cost policy. This government needs to be defeated as soon as possible before they destroy Canada.


I have a feeling it may be to late.


The amazing part of this is, the unions that voted for Justin now face ‘NO FREE MONEY’ (DUES). NO JOBS; NO UNION DUES FOR UNION BIG SHOTS. Dictator Justin works with and for, DICTATORS. What they tell he listens; what they want him to do, he follows. Alberta alone, contribute billions to Quebec and this is what we get in return-aa shaft in the back. Time for separation or another policy that we Albertan attend to our needs first and foremost and whatever chuck change left will go to the federal millionaire liberal gov to give to Quebec. I am… Read more »


Finis Canada.

What is it going to take to right Canada again?

Or is it much too late?


I’m surprised TransCanada took so long to figure out Trudeau! This will snowball……well, it already has. So, now Trudeau is going to have to tax and tax and tax to pay bills. Which is the goal, I suspect.


Also, no mention made of the billions that would have been paid to Eastern manufacturers, so I suppose he doesn’t care about them either, not to mention the jobs that would be created there and the boost to the Eastern economy.
He is the DESTROYER of Canada.