Trudeau Liberals Punish Wayne Long For Standing Up For His Constituents

Long stood in support of a Conservative motion to extend the consultation time on the dangerous Trudeau tax hikes.

When Justin Trudeau was running for Prime Minister, he told his MPs that it was their job to represent their constituents in Ottawa, not represent the Prime Minister to their constituents.

It was a good line, and won plenty of support from Canadians tired of years of increasing centralization of power in the Prime Minister’s Office. Unfortunately, it was nothing more than a line, and Trudeau has centralized power even further in the PMO.

Now, Wayne Long – a Liberal MP from New Brunswick – is being punished for doing exactly what Trudeau claimed to have wanted: Standing up for his constituents instead of pushing the Ottawa political line.

Long was the only Liberal who stood in support of a Conservative motion to extend the consultation period for the terrible tax hikes the Trudeau government is seeking to impose on Canadian small businesses. Long – a former small business owner himself – had expressed his concern over the divisive political tactics of the Trudeau government pitting Canadians against each other for perceived political gain.

Now, because he took a principled stand for what’s right, Long is being punished:

As noted in a CTV Report, “The Liberals have told a backbench MP how he will be punished for the stand he took against his party by supporting an opposition motion calling on the Trudeau government to extend a consultation on its controversial tax proposals. A staffer from Wayne Long’s New Brunswick riding office says the MP has been notified, but declined to share details of the penalty because the issue is an internal matter at this time.”

The hypocrisy continues. Yet another Trudeau claim is revealed as a lie.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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The following statement is awesome: “MPs job is to represent their constituents in Ottawa, not represent the Prime Minister to their constituents.” Well, since Trudeau does not walk the talk, we can be certain that he stole this sentence from a great human being. When I read punishment, I am astounded. I believe that Trudeau is still acting like an elementary pupil who thinks that he knows better than the teacher. He cant even answer a question properly.

chris malmstrom

Liberals are and have always been, liars. The taxpayer dollars they piss away show nothing toward the greater good to the people they claim to represent should be an eye opener … yet the voters are blinded by the “gift of gab” these liars spew. What’s to show for the $30+ billion the liars said would be a $10 billion expenditure … except the $10.5 million given to a convicted terrorist, and to other convicted terrorists, the privilege of Canadian citizenship !!?? What the F**K are you idiots doing to our country voting for blatant liars and thieves? The list… Read more »


Punished for being a true democratic Canadian politician. A concept unknown to Trudeau. The child needs to get his ass kicked.

jack grandvillei

And the band plays on — what else from such a despicable person/political party?