VIDEO: Lisa Raitt Slams Trudeau Government After Energy East Termination

Deputy Opposition Leader Lisa Raitt points out that Trudeau imposed standards on Canadian oil companies that he doesn’t even apply to foreign oil.

Midway through the process for the Energy East Pipeline, the Trudeau government made economically-destructive changes to the National Energy Board. Those changes imposed new hurdles onto Canadian Energy companies, but do not apply to foreign oil coming into Canadian ports.

As a result, the Energy East Pipeline is dead, and with it, thousands of Canadian jobs and billions of dollars of investment. Watch the video below as Deputy Opposition Leader Lisa Raitt slams the Trudeau government for the cancellation of the Energy East Pipeline.

If you have trouble opening the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Tired of Treason

Classis Soros move, bring down the Canadian economy.

Tired of Treason


Pete Black CPA CA

Gerald Butts is doing his dirty environmental work just like he did in Ontario. An unelected radical who has to be stopped. This Trudeau government needs to go before any more permanent damage to our country is inflicted on it. Read “Climate Change – The Facts”

Chris vrecko



Who pay the protesters to protest against the destruction of their own country Canada and her wealth(oil sands) that keeps this nation going as well as flourish Quebec with billions of dollars so they can have the luxury of having daycares; universities cost is the lowest in the entire north America when sadly, Alberta’s own universities is very high.
Do you really think those people who pay the protesters will continue paying after Canada falls? NEVER!