REPORT: Islamic Society Of B.C. Website Had Link To Content Calling For “Islamic Jihad” Against Jewish People

Link to the horribly hateful content was only removed after the media started asking questions.

A concerning report from Global News has revealed that the Islamic Society of B.C. website had links to “anti-Semitic content that urges an “Islamic jihad” against Jews, denounces democracy and approves the killing of ex-Muslims.”

Federal and provincial politicians have reportedly visited a Mosque run by the Islamic Society of B.C. near Vancouver.

According to the report, the website, is registered to Saadeldin Bahr, the former President of the Islamic Society of B.C. and serves as the website for the organization. According to Global, “Until Wednesday, the homepage linked directly to a Saudi website that disparages Jews and calls them “enemies.”’

The Islamic Society of B.C. website links to (run by a Saudi cleric), which contains a ton of horrible content, as noted by the Global report:

‘“The Jews are people of treachery and betrayal; it is not possible to trust them at all,” reads a post on the formerly-linked site,, which is run by a conservative Saudi cleric. “The hour (the Day of Judgment) will not begin until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.”’

Thats not all:

“Meanwhile, another entry calls democracy “a system that is contrary to Islam” and says “the main goal of jihad is to make people worship Allah alone.” A discussion on “why death is the punishment for apostasy” reads: “Whoever changes his religion, kill him.” As for homosexuals, it says to “drive them out of your town.”’

As if this isn’t horrible enough, even after the media contacted the Islamic Society of B.C. and the links to the Saudi website were removed, another link was still on the site that talked about “Fighting against the Jews.” Horrendous.

Islamic Society of B.C. is a federally registered charity

Making this already terrible story even worse, is the fact that the Islamic Society of B.C. is a registered charity. A previous investigation of the Islamic Society of B.C. raised disturbing questions about their “connection to and possible control by” a group called the Eid Foundation based in Qatar. According to that earlier report, the Eid Foundation “is alleged to have provided support to terrorism.” The Eid Foundation is part of a global group of “charities” run by Hamas.

Cowardly Trudeau government silent in the face of hate

As this disturbing story unfolds, more and more people are asking the following questions: Where is the condemnation of this kind of horrific hateful and violent rhetoric from the Trudeau government? The links on the Islamic Society of B.C. aren’t just hate speech, they are clear calls for violence. This has to be investigated by the government, and the Islamic Society of B.C. must immediately lose their charitable status.

Yet, our virtue-signalling politicians (particularly Justin Trudeau), have been silent in the face of this horrifically hateful rhetoric, and other anti-Semitic rhetoric in the past – including pro-Palestinian rally in Mississauga that featured terrible anti-Semitic chants. Clearly anti-Semitism is still a horrendous scourge in our world, and it sadly still exists in Canada. Yet, Trudeau all too-often remains silent on it.

Hate of all kinds must be condemned, regardless of where it comes from. When the leader of the Quebec Mosque that was previously attacked had his car set on fire, many Canadians – including myself – condemned that expression of hate and made clear it has no place in Canada. Yet, why is it that so many “leaders” fall silent when hate is expressed by a group with “Islamic” in it’s name?

Hate from any source needs to condemned in the strongest terms. The rhetoric from the sites linked to on the Islamic Society of B.C. website is disturbingly similar to neo-Nazi rhetoric against Jewish people, and yet those in power are acting like cowards by refusing to say anything.

This cowardice must end. If you want to see clear action taken against this hateful rhetoric, click the link below to contact your MP and demand that they push for the Islamic Society of B.C. to lose their charitable status and launch an investigation into their hateful calls for violence. Help make clear that hatred and anti-Semitism has no place in Canada.

Contact your MP

Spencer Fernando

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