WATCH: Trudeau’s Pathetic & Dishonest Answer On His Betrayal Of Canada’s Energy Industry

Trudeau flat-out lied about pipeline approval, then tried to avoid the fact that his terrible policies caused the demise of Energy East.

Yesterday in Question Period, Justin Trudeau was confronted over his betrayal of Canada’s energy industry, particularly the demise of the Energy East pipeline and Eastern Mainline projects. As usual, his answer was pathetic and dishonest.

Watch below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

First, Trudeau repeated the false claim that the Conservatives didn’t approve any new pipelines. Much of the elitist media has fallen for this lie, which is easily disproved. As noted by Kevin Libin in the Financial Post:

“Under the Harper Conservative government, two entirely new oil pipelines were approved and actually built: The non-XL version of Keystone, from Alberta to Nebraska, approved in 2006, completed in 2010; and The Alberta Clipper, to Wisconsin, approved in 2008 and active in 2010. The changeover in Line 9 taking oil west to east was also approved and activated under the Harper Tories. In total, Alberta got an added 1.25-million barrels a day worth of pipeline capacity under the last government.”

Libin also points out that the Trudeau Liberals cancelled the previously approved Northern Gateway pipeline, which cut 500,000 potential barrels per day in capacity.

So, Trudeau was flat-out lying.

And secondly, Trudeau tried to say that it was a “business decision” to cancel Energy East, ignoring the widespread consensus that it was Trudeau’s changes to the National Energy Board process halfway through the process that caused the cancellation.

It is now clear that Trudeau’s actions have betrayed Canada’s energy industry, and put our economy at serious risk, and no amount of spin or lies can change that reality.

Spencer Fernando

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The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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That idiot make me to angry to post what I really feel. So I’ll be sort of nice, that man (?) is enough to make me schuff my cookies!


By gosh that awful leader is a straight forward liar a failure x100

don morris

The smug,arrogant swine Trudeau has certainly grown into his position as chief manipulator for the Quebec Billionaire’s Cartel.

If Trudeau keeps this up,a competent Opposition should be able to win in a walk.

Again,the Quebec opposition to the EE pipeline is Liberal suckholing to Power Corporation,and probably a few others who run the Country.

Now,if only voters,who a prominent Liberal once told me “can’t remember anything more than a week past”, can be forcefully reminded of this and many other LPC anti-Canadian machinations, we should be rid of the man-child actor in 2019.

jack grandville

This is another lie in the mountain of lies from the mouth of the Prime Minister and it will continue until and unless he is removed from office. This continuous presentation of lie after lie is most likely why he is constantly surrounded by bodyguards — in the event he forgot his I.D. at least they could voice their knowledge of who he is, because if he had to give an answer, it would likely be another lie — he is used that type of response to the even the simplest of questions.

Alci B

Trudeau is a compulsive liar , deceiver of Canadians . It is astounding that Canadians haven’t awakened yet to the reality of who we have as a PM.