NATIONAL UNITY RISK: Trudeau Is Dangerously Dividing Canada For His Own Political Benefit

Instead of working to bring Canadians together by supporting industries all across our country, Trudeau plays regional favourites, punishing Western Canada while bending over backwards for Bombardier.

Canada lacks a unified industrial policy. Such a policy would be based on strengthening industry across Canada, including the energy industry in the west, manufacturing in Ontario, and the aerospace industry (including Bombardier), in Quebec.

A strong industrial policy would mean eliminating regulations and taxes that hurt the energy industry, bringing in strategic tariffs to protect and grow manufacturing jobs, and yes, sometimes it would mean providing support to Bombardier to protect Canadian jobs.

This would bring Canadians together and strengthen national unity, because it would show that all parts of the country mattered equally to the government, and our government was committed to making sure that all Canadians could succeed.

Yet, Justin Trudeau is doing the exact opposite. He is imposing policies that are destructive to the Canadian energy industry, plotting a “free trade” deal with China that will devastate what’s left of the manufacturing sector, while shoveling endless amounts of taxpayer money into Bombardier and doing their bidding on the world stage.

As a result, Canada is becoming more and more divided. Anger in Western Canada is growing, as a Trudeau is once again glad to take the oil money from Western Canada and distribute it for political gain, while strangling the ability of the West to generate that wealth in the first place.

The demise of the Energy East Pipeline is only the latest in a long line of cancelled energy projects caused by Trudeau’s horrendous policies.

And yet, in an act of total hypocrisy, Trudeau is now trying to deflect from his purposeful division of Canada by blaming the Conservatives for what he’s doing. Here’s what Trudeau said in a Facebook post:

“Aside from its being intellectually dishonest, the reflexive stoking of regional tensions is a political dead end. The Conservative party, formerly the Reform Party, trod that road in its infancy. It was a road better left abandoned.”

Arrogant elitist Trudeau must think we’re all stupid to try and pull off such a hypocritical and obvious lie. Not only is Trudeau the one stoking regional tensions, he’s doing it to try and gain votes in the next election. With the Liberals expected to lose seats in the West and in Ontario (particularly some of the rural seats they picked up in 2015), many analysts have pointed out that picking up seats in Quebec is a way for him to make up for losses in other regions and win another majority government.

As a result, it’s clear that Trudeau is trying to create a fight between Western Canada and Quebec, in order to take Quebec’s side and try to benefit politically. It shows that he’s willing to tear Canada apart just to stay in power, and the fact that he’s now blaming the opposition shows he’s willing to say anything to distract from his dangerous, divisive, and destructive agenda.

It’s incredibly disturbing, and it puts our national unity at serious risk.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

This simply follows the legacy of Pierre who, when Justin became of the age of understanding, was brainwashed by ‘daddy’ to the extent that every move Justin makes follows precisely the plan Pierre had — no surprise there — and it saves Justin the problem of actually trying to think.

Tanya Gaw

Looks like Quebec isn’t too happy with the Liberals….

Can we not create a petition to have Trudeau removed. He is literally unfit to lead this country and his direct and blatant treasonous acts against the safety and welfare of Canadians is certainly cause.
Is there anyone who can put this in motion. This countries very existence relies on it.


WE NOTICED.. Keep up the good work on reporting on our Pinochio Minister!!!

Elaine Teichgraber

So sick of Trudeau’s divisiveness. If he wants to alienate the West then we should oblige.


I tweeted him that he is not leading he is being led!! Could have said more but I don’t think he would comprehend!!!!


How true that is! I would say it’s more than our national unity, it’s also a total lack of vision for the Canadian economy. Trudeau and his Liberals are unable to see the big picture or dont want to see it. When I see the enormous sum given to the United Nations yearly and the additional funds sent to other countries, I see a lack of coordination. It appears that Trudeau is just throwing money in the dark and hoping it will achieve success. It reminds me of the philosophy of some sales people that ” if you throw enough… Read more »

jack grandville

Precisely on course — the course that daddy drilled into his head from the age of understanding — in either or both official languages. I have said for the longest time and will repeat here, that he is the perfect example of the Manchurian Candidate. He has no mental logical thoughts and reacts to external stimuli — hence the giggling happy face when the opportunity for selfies is available (or created) — his giggly presentation when something out of the norm excites him — hence the glee (as opposed to happiness) when he could not resist showing off his pretty… Read more »


Just pitiful isn’t it the gloom and domed freaks are ever going to stop!!!


Justin is just following in his father’s footsteps of dissension in Canada…west against east, because Quebec is a have not province due to their lack of population…he wants to suck on Alberta’s hind tit and create a taxation base to suck the life out of Alberta to finance Quebec in the long run…this really sucks folks…Quebec cannot fund itself on its own.. It does not have the tax base to do that…it through Truedope must suck as much money from the Feds to survive ……………..

Brian Richard Allen

…. Trudeau is … willing to tear Canada apart just to stay in power ….

Seems Baby-Dawk Trudeau-fils did, after all and in addition to the trademark family evil, inherit something from Trudeau-Père: His willingness – determination, even, to tear apart what little’s Left of the Canada both so zealously have hated.

(And which already: — post and thanks to that other traitor, Trudeau-Père; — is the country you have when you’re no longer having a nation)

If grass root Canadians do not put away our differences. First Nation, Francophone, Anglo, LGBTQ, Immagrants who designed the Canada that we have enjoyed built by the Forefathers of these grass root Canadians. Canada will be broken into small Countries within our Vast Country with religious skirmishes between. It is happening now. We have never had a time in history of our Constitution questioned so blatantly. This to appease a new Canadian movement demanding change. The planned change will destroy our Constitution. We will loose our freedom of speech, opinion, and beliefs. We will have far more violence than Canada… Read more »

Ana Gomes

New World Order, Lullaby to a stoned Boy,#2
Puff-a-bye Baby, on your trip hop,
when the smoke flows, your little brain will rock.

When the brain rocks, the Country will break,
And down you come, Boy, in pieces like a flake!

( More Rhymes to come. Canadians have a lot to cry about.)


Everything is going according to plan (JT’s). Globalisation and New World Order and of course votes!!!!