Foreign Countries Win, Canadians Lose Under Trudeau’s Energy Policy

Instead of moving closer to true energy independence, Eastern Canada will remain reliant on foreign nations like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Nigeria for oil.

Canada has immense oil reserves and a relatively small population. We also have a high-level of technological advancement. This combination makes it a no-brainer that we would be fully energy independent, and never have to import oil from other nations.

Yet, rather than simply transport oil from Alberta & Saskatchewan to the East, we absurdly import oil from halfway across the world. We pay Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela and other foreign countries for oil, instead of keeping that money within our country and building up our own oil industry.

This has gotten even worse under the Trudeau government, which has chosen to divide Canadians and betray our energy industry.

The beneficiaries of Trudeau’s energy policies are foreign oil producers, including the odious regimes in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. As a result of the disloyalty, arrogance, and stupidity of our so-called “leaders,” we are enriching brutal regimes instead of building our homegrown energy industry.

The fact is that our economy still needs oil, and will still need oil for a very long time. Oil demand is going up in much of the world, and not only should we be able to take care of all our energy needs domestically, but we could be a much richer nation from building up the energy industry and massively increasing our exports.

Instead, we are forced to watch as our oil remains stuck in the ground, and we can’t even get it sent across our country or refined on our own soil.

It’s an embarrassment for our country, and unless it changes, Canada will remain a much poorer and more vulnerable country than if we truly supported and embraced Canadian energy.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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alan skelhorne

mr. trideau is just following orders from george soros, how to dismantle your country, cut of the economy.need i say more why mr. socks is doing what he is doing.

Alci B

Trudeau is a narcissist with a love for dictatorships . His globalist agenda does not go unnoticed by Canadians .
The people of Canada need to set their own agenda in motion to SAVE CANADA .

jack grandville

In my opinion, sir, he is doing exactly what ‘daddy’ programmed him to do, from his first moment of understanding in either or both official languages. It shows in almost every physical action and is most apparent in any ‘policy’ he lays claim to coming up with, or approving — as did daddy, he has the wish to destroy this country and that is a reality that is obvious when anyone checks his record — give away billions of our dollars, but ignore vets, the homeless, the elderly — the economy — ad infinitum — all exactly as daddy did… Read more »

don morris

Trudeau is thwarting Canadian oil production simply because the Canadian/Quebec elite are heavily invested in ME oil,and though I haven’t researched it yet,probably are also invested in Venezuela and every other Country you mentioned. The Liberals don’t do anything more than follow orders, and Canada’s elite has ordered them to stymie Western Canada’s production so they can benefit. The truest saying extant is : “follow the money.” Power Corporation, the biggest of the big corporations that rule this Country, has been invested in ME oil for decades,and undoubtedly they and other Biggies are also invested elsewhere. Trudeau isn’t doing this… Read more »


That’s the whole idea cut Canadian’s energy and rely on other nations of dictator Justin choice at which time Canadians will pay a lot more say, from $1.00 to $2.00 at the gas pump+taxes.
Venezuela sold its own gas to the public .25centavos back in the 50s, now it has risen to 50-65centavos which amounts to few cents in Canadian money.
Dictator Justin is destroying Canada which he wants.


If Trudeau continues with this line of action then we will be unable to accept more refugees to this country. Fantastic article and sharing!

Brian Richard Allen

…. beneficiaries of Trudeau’s energy policies include the “governments” of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Canada, thus, enrichens foreign thugs instead of building homegrown energy producers ….

As has been Canada’s wont ever since the first Trudeau traitor, Trudeau-père, appeared down the pike. And bet you Ville de Québec to a single brick the entire Trudeau Gang, top to bottom, is also handsomely profiting. Follow the money.


It has been stated that Trudeau’s position on the pipelines is rational and fair as it is less expensive to import oil than to produce it in country …ie refining costs , infrastructure , etc… that the corporation s decision not to pursue is based on their own evaluation of the unaffordable costs in light of alternative energy options ….Any comments on this position from people with sound insight ?


Yes Canada loses and foreign companies win but cancellation of energy east and work to shut down the oil sands is not about doing what is right for Canadian industry. This is a continuation of Pierre Trudeaus NEP. The singular goal of that programs was to stop the shift of economic and political power to western Canada from Quebec. Trudeau junior is trying to finish what papa started.