Toronto District School Board’s Dangerous ‘Islamophobia’ Definition Shows Why Canadians Oppose M-103

When M-103 was first introduced, it sparked a strong and sustained backlash from Canadians. As I reported in March, a poll showed that an overwhelming majority of respondents thought M-103 should have been changed to either remove the focus on one religion (40%), or mention all religions (31%). Just 14% wanted it kept as is, a clear rejection of M-103 by the Canadian people.

Yet, the Trudeau government ignored the will of Canadians and pushed ahead, and continued their effort to not only pretend Islamist terrorism isn’t a threat, but suppress the ability of Canadians to speak out against it.

That’s why so many Canadians were opposed to M-103. Not just because of the wording of the Motion, but because of the attitude of the Trudeau government and the politically correct elites. We know that they want to use the power of government to stop Canadians from being able to speak freely, and M-103 is only a stepping stone towards their goal of using “political correctness” to destroy freedom of speech.

Now, a recent controversy in the Toronto District School Division shows yet again why Canadians have every right to be worried about M-103.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) issued a guidebook for “Islamic Heritage Month” that includes a definition of “Islamophobia.” As pointed out by B’nai Brith Canada, the definition was disturbingly broad, including defining “Islamphobia” as “fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture.”

That is exactly what opponents of M-103 feared. That any criticism of Islam (which must be open to critique in a free society), would be called “Islamophobia” and suppressed. As B’nai Brith pointed out, the TDSB definition of “Islamophobia” as including “Islamic politics” could mean that someone who criticized the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia or the persecution of gay people in much of the middle east could be seen as “Islamophobic.”

And while the TDSB backed down when people got angry about their dangerous definition, they only did so when they got caught. They were obviously trying to sneak that “Islamic politics” line through so they could suppress speech later on – exactly as M-103 supporters want to do.

This is a very concerning moment for Canada. Freedom of speech is an essential part of what makes Canada a strong and free country. In the name of “political correctness,” free speech is under attack as never before, and all Canadians must push back against that attack and defend our rights. M-103 is just the beginning of a long-term effort that would leave Canadians at the mercy of politicians and a small elite who decide what we are and aren’t allowed to say and think, and it would deprive us of the ability to challenge the dangerous threat of Islamist terrorism.

We must not accept that future for our country. Free speech and free expression must be defended.

Spencer Fernando

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