Trudeau Faces Backlash After Terrible Response To Energy East Termination

As anger continues to grow in the wake of the Energy East Pipeline cancellation – caused by Justin Trudeau’s destructive energy policies – Trudeau is facing a growing backlash for trying shift the blame.

Since the announcement that the Energy East Pipeline was terminated, Justin Trudeau has been refusing to take responsibility for causing the cancellation of the project, and has attempted to accuse his opponents of dividing the country in order to distract from his own divisive actions. Now, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer is calling out Trudeau for his terrible response.

“I just find it odd that every time the prime minister makes a decision where Canadians are upset by the result of that, that he somehow blames them,” said Scheer. “There are a lot of people upset with the decision to kill Energy East.”

Added Scheer, “The anger that is being felt toward this Liberal government is national in scope. I reject the assertion that the prime minister is making.

As I’ve said before, Trudeau is the one trying to divide the country, as the thinks he can win Quebec votes by selling out the energy industry. Since the Trudeau Liberals are expected to lose seats in the West and Ontario, they see Quebec as their best hope for maintaining a majority. As a result, they bend over backwards for Bombardier while selling out much of the rest of Canada.

So, for Trudeau to claim others are being divisive is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall ripped Trudeau as well:

“Not only is this arrogant, it’s a pretty transparent and desperate attempt to deflect away from the actual issue at hand, which is the federal government’s responsibility for the cancellation of the Energy East pipeline. I will continue to stand up for Saskatchewan and for pipeline projects that are in the best interest of not only the West, but all of Canada.”

The contrast is clear: Wall and Scheer are acting like leaders, while Trudeau seeks to divide Canadians for his own political gain. 

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Where is your share button. I haven’t been able to share any? Any idea what has happened? Am I the only one affected this way?


We just can’t let the Liberals get away with what they are doing. It has to stop.. They will be giving more money, that we don’t have, to the sinking Bombardier and the East pipe line is no longer. Someone, please come up with a solution.


“selling out much of the rest of Canada.” No surprise there, that is and always has been, the liberal party’s MO.


Trudeau just lost the next election and has proven how he wants to ruin Canada and its people. If that is his and Perry Bellegarde’s idea (threat) of “bringing Canada to its knees”, they have done a good job!!!


Personally I think it’s time the West cut the East loose and offered to take Sothern Ontario with us. Seems to me outside of the big smoke, Ottawa, the good folks of Ontario would love to be rid of this dictatorial left of Mao bunch. Viva Le’ Republic of Western Canada Libre’

Jack Grandville

It is certainly not a habit of mine to take issue with any of your comments, Spencer, but I must, in this instance suggest very strongly that your comment: “………they see Quebec as their best hope for maintaining a majority.” In fact, to some extent, that is true. But there is another reality at play here and it has to do with the ‘immigrant’ (legal and illegal) policies of this government, plus the ‘open border’ policy — both of which (as with daddy) are seen as the real “best hope for maintaining a majority.” There truly can be no secret… Read more »




Too dangerous to mention? Racism……..etc………but I agree totally! I’d like Sheer to be louder about illegal migration and it’s cost to tax payers/etc.

Maureen Moss

The sooner Trudeau is removed from office, the better for Canadians! He hasn’t a CLUE what he is doing TO Canada! He hates the west – that is evident! He needs to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE before Canada is totally wrecked! His nice hair just doesn’t cut it!!