Canada Should Bring Back The Death Penalty For Those Convicted Of Committing Terrorist Attacks

A clear message must be sent.

Our society has become far too weak when it comes to defending our citizens. We have reached the absurd point where the government knows of over 60 individuals who left Canada to fight for ISIS, and then have returned to this country, yet nothing is really being don about.

We have also seen a rise in the threat of terrorism, particularly from radical Islamism, and also hateful attacks such as the one against a Quebec City mosque.

Yet, our justice system, which is already weak at getting justice for those victimized in violent crimes, fails to send a clear message when it comes to those convicted of terrorist acts.

There is even doubt as to whether the recent Edmonton attack – which was clearly motivated by the radical Islamist ideology – will even be prosecuted as a terrorist attack by the government, despite an ISIS flag being found at the scene.

Those who seek to kill innocent people and terrorize Canadians must be severely punished

In the back and forth media discussion, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that terrorism is about brutally killing innocent people. In Edmonton, a police officer working to keep other people safe, and people just walking down the street minding their own businesses were targeted for death. It’s miraculous that nobody was killed.

Trying to downplay these incidents and hope for the best isn’t a reasonable response. As a society, we need to send a clear, unmistakable, and tough message in defense of the Canadian people, and in defense of our right to live in a safe and secure nation.

That’s why we should bring back the death penalty for those convicted of committing terrorist attacks.

While this would certainly apply in cases of radical Islamist terror, it should also apply to the killer who took the lives of six innocent people in Quebec City. Such a hate-motivated attack must be punished severely, and the death penalty is the appropriate punishment.

And when it comes to the threat of radical Islamist terrorism, an attitude of weakness only invites more danger. Strength, and a willingness to defend our country will keep us much safer.

For a long time, treason was punishable by the death penalty in Canada – something most Canadians would agree is a common sense punishment for those who betrayed our country. Clearly, a Canadian citizen committing an act of terror against Canadians is treasonous, and any non-citizen who kills Canadians in a terror attack should face the death penalty as well.

Canadians support the death penalty

According to Abacus Data, 58% of Canadians support the death penalty. We can imagine that support would be even higher when it comes to those convicted of terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the political elite is out of step with public opinion on this issue, and sees their job as ignoring or even repressing the views of Canadians when it comes to our justice system, rather than represent what Canadians want.

That must change. Those who seek to kill our citizens must face the ultimate punishment.

Spencer Fernando

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Marg Humphrey

My fear is that the death penalty may also be used against those who inadvertently commit ‘islamaphobia’ of perhaps use an unwanted pronoun. Hopefully it would only be used for acts of terrorism

Old Canadian Patroit

Why not charge Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhimm, head of the terrorists group Hibz ut Tahrir, living in London, Ontario with sedition or treason. When a person calls to supercede Canadian law with Shari’ah law does that not mount to overthrowing the government? Charge him–deport him back to Iraq. We the people better speaking up for freedom.


I think the Government must listen to the voice of the majority regarding such matters. It is important to protect the people of the country and not those who have intentions of hurting them. Anyone who does not respect the laws of a land should be sent away – their citizenship / visa revoked. In olden days they’d have been banished…

James Cook

This gov’t will not listen to the people in this area as they are lovers of such groups who are out to destroy us. We have an Anti-Canadian taking a position as PM in Ottawa, and he could care less about Canadians. Allowing illegal enemys to come into our country with open doors is a sign of trying to take Canada down and replace it with an extreme group.
I wished we could revoked JJustin as a Canadian citizen and send him to where he is very much in agreement with.


Bringing back the death penalty for acts of terrorism or for killing law enforcement officers even, is a worthy idea deserving of discussion, however when you have an off the wall government, that rewards terrorists with huge payouts, returns citizenship and coddles them with concerns of root causes, there isn’t much chance their about to listen to, or concern itself, with any measures that would rid the world permanently of the likes of terrorists and cop killers. The first order of business, ought to be about ridding ourselves of a government whose actions arguably encourage and embolden people such people,… Read more »


Yeah, no. You should probably find a country with no modern constitution and no recognition of fundamental rights, and go live there. And leave Canadians to apply Canadian values. Deal?

fred thornton

we have to many bleeding hearts and those that say oh the poor soul doesn’t know what he did and then we have a prime minister that has no balls he was offered a set but he re
jected them as he didn’t know what they were
rejected a set hardly used

Chris vrecko

Beautifull put

Michael Gordon

Death Penalty? OK. but first have a clear legal and socially understood definition of terrorism otherwise definition creep can overtake reality in the same way “hate” is now understood. It once meant the active promotion of physical violence against an identifiable group. Now it just means that one is offended and Canada’s latest hate-speech laws are nothing but ambiguous and subject to wide interpretation. Terrorism needs a crystal-clear meaning to be enforced with true justice.

Major Tom

Even criminals exercise their ‘right’ to capital punishment…..We read about it just about every day…..another gangland slaying………
If the criminals can do what the state refuses…..does that mean that hitmen have a higher sense of morality than a government that places no value on a victim’s life…..permitting the murderer/Islamic Jihadist to live…and eat….and thrive… taxpayer expense?


Thanks, Spencer, for bringing this up. At what point does a socialist country decide it’s people are important to protect? The death penalty is a defence against terrorism.