POLL: 70% Of Albertans Say Notley Government Is “Out Of Touch”

Majority of Albertans see United Conservative Party as a good thing for the province.

A new poll by Angus-Reid has more good news for the United Conservative Party, and bad news for the Rachel Notley Government. Here are some of the key numbers:

  • Notley’s approval rating is just 29%.
  • Jason Kenny and Brian Jean win the approval of 38% and 48% of Albertans respectively.
  • 70% say Rachel Notley’s government is out of touch with what Albertans want from their leaders. Disturbingly for the NDP, even 40% of self-identified NDP supporters say the government is out of touch.

Additionally, 63% of Albertans say the United Conservative Party will be a good thing for Alberta. The only areas of concern for the UCP in the poll is that 57% say Conservatives in the province think they are “entitled to govern,” and 47% are concerned the UCP will be too right wing and want a centrist alternative.

Still, the overall takeaway from the poll is that the UCP is in far better position to win than the NDP. The UCP will have the right side of the spectrum to themselves, and will be able to pick up some of the centre. Meanwhile, the NDP has turned off many centrist voters, and there is no unified centrist party for that vote to gather around. As a result, it seems that Alberta’s experiment with centre-left governance is coming to an end, and the UCP is set to gain power.

View the full poll results here

Spencer Fernando

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jack grandville

Could one see this as an ‘awakening’ in Alberta? Let’s hope that, for the sake of the province, the trend continues — if does not, there is no answer other than a complete disaster.

alan skelhorne

bye bye notley, you blew it big time. your mr. socks cannot save you. so nenshi is going bye bye, and you will follow him.

Roger Shelswell

Only 70%.What the hell is wrong with the other 30%.

Miles Lunn

Mostly those who depend on the government for their pay cheque in some way, they love Notley. She is trailing in Rural Alberta and Calgary, but still popular in Edmonton.