VIDEO: Former PM Stephen Harper Speaks About Past Free Trade Agreements

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was at the Dentons Summit, where he discussed free trade – a subject on the minds of many as NAFTA renegotiations continue. Harper pointed out his view that “as the small player, we made it our business to understand what a win would be for the other side.”

While that was in reference to the European Union, Harper pointed out that such an approach could be helpful in the NAFTA renegotiations. It’s important to note that while Harper and Trudeau both push the establishment line on free trade, Harper actually showed more willingness to reject foreign takeovers and protect sensitive Canadian industries. Additionally, Harper generally focused on the economic substance of trade agreements, rather than seek to score political points through pointless virtue-signalling as Trudeau has.

Watch some of Harper’s comments below:

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While free trade is supported by most of Canada’s political class, including the Trudeau and Harper governments, increasing number of Canadians – particularly the growing working class – are beginning to question just how much of a benefit free trade has really been for our country.

With Canadians increasingly pessimistic about our economic future, those doubts are expected to continue growing, regardless of what happens with NAFTA.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter