INSANE: Rescued Canadian Hostage Was Once Married To Omar Khadr’s Sister

And he’s refusing to board the American plane leaving Pakistan because he thinks he’ll be arrested.

It seems the Khadr family can’t stay out of the headlines. Joshua Boyle, the Canadian hostage held by terrorists in Pakistan along with his wife Caitlan Coleman and their three young children were rescued by Pakistani special forces.

Now, it turns out that Boyle was once married to Omar Khadr’s sister Zaynab. And, he’s refusing to board an American military plane because he fears that he will be arrested for his relationship to Zaynab.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “Boyle and Khadr were married between 2009 and 2010. They grew close when he volunteered to be the family’s spokesman during the media row surrounding Omar’s detention.”

Additionally, “Zaynab, who shot to infamy in 2004 after defending the 9/11 attacks, now lives in Sudan. She has long been suspected of supporting al-Qaeda but has never been charged.¬†Boyle and Zaynab were married before he married Coleman in 2011 – year before he and his American wife were captured in Afghanistan.”

Those who know Boyle reportedly say he had an “academic interest” in terrorism. There is also speculation that he was in the process of converting to Islam at the time he and Caitlan Coleman were captured.

Boyle and Coleman have three young children, all of whom were born in captivity. It is believed other children may have died in captivity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Just wondering why this is not being mentioned on the regular TV news?????

Maryam McKinley

Exactly! Come on, CBC report on this. How about an interview with Omar on how happy he is that his former spokesperson has been rescued. Bombshell story.

jack grandville

Surely, Yvette, you jest?

Arielle Grey

It seems he should be held in custody by the Canadian Police and he and his wife should be tracked for life as possible spies; his previous marriage puts him at the top of the list for being a candidate for being a “home grown”, radicalized terrorist. Why wasn’t he held and debriefed by the Canadian government or American; he should have had no choice; our Countries comprise North America; we are allies and his behavior is suspicious and ABSOLUTELY NOT NAIVE, MORE LIKE TREASONOUS YES, NAIVE NO, come on the entire handling of this is ridiculous. He is not… Read more »

jp Larocquw

They will I am sure or at least they better be questioned by the RCMP/CSIS etc etc!!!!!

jack grandville

There are a lot of red flags attached to this one. Backpacking in one of the most dangerous areas on the planet with a pregnant wife? The Taliban beard says it all as far as ‘family association,’ and was not present in pictures of him at an earlier time. “Captivity” for five years? Since when are ‘captives’ allowed to be together as husband and wife? Pictures confirm they and the children were all well fed during that period of ‘captivity.’ The more one sees/hears about this one, the stronger the odour gets. Naturally, with the prevailing attitude of this government… Read more »


Why is his wife dressed like a Strong Muslim, Why has he not trimmed his stupid beard. What was the meeting with Trudeau in 2006. Has he spoken to Omar since his return.


How come Joshua Boyle mentioned in today’s twitter remark that he had met Justine Trudeau previously? This suggests an arrangement(?) was made which ultimately led to Boyle’s supposed ‘wandering’ into Afghanistan, the freeing of the Boyle family, the very existence of a Boyle family with kids born during captivity, the meeting with Justine Trudeau after the Boyles came home, maybe the $10 million settlement given to Omar Kadr, the brother of Boyle’s first wife? Investigation already going? Hm!