Majority Of Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Higher Immigration & Refugee Targets

Survey shows 51% of Canadians oppose Trudeau’s plan to raise immigration and refugee levels.

A survey by Angus-Reid shows a majority of Canadians oppose the Trudeau government plan to increase the flow of immigrants and refugees into Canada. The Trudeau government has set a federal target of bringing in 300,000 immigrants in the upcoming year. Of those 300,000 the government has set a target of 40,000 refugees.

Here’s what Canadians think about that:

  • Oppose – 51%
  • Support – 39%

Another key number is the intensity of opposition. A full 32% of Canadians strongly disapprove of the higher immigration levels, while just 13% strongly approve. This could have important political consequences.

Canada already brings in a large number of immigrants every year. While immigration can benefit our country, there is always a point at which a system becomes overwhelmed. With our refugee system already straining under the pressure of the flow of illegal migrants, and governments across the country running massive budget deficits, our social programs and tax systems are already facing serious struggles.

Additionally, bringing in larger and larger amounts of people can dilute the earning power of each worker, further eroding the wages of middle class and working class Canadians.

And finally, there is the issue of social cohesion. Canadians are a welcoming people, and it’s essential that the government does not overwhelm that welcoming disposition by raising immigration levels too high. A balanced level of immigration that helps keep our population from falling, while not overwhelming the system is essential to maintain the cohesion of our society.

It’s also essential that we focus on growing our population by making it more affordable for Canadian citizens to have kids. It makes no sense to burden people with taxes to the point where it’s tough to afford a family, and then bring in tons of people to make up for our otherwise stagnant population growth.

The levels of immigration under the Harper government achieved a reasonable balance, and there’s no logical reason for Trudeau to be increasing those levels. Of course, it’s clear that Trudeau has other things in mind, particularly political virtue signalling and cutting the bargaining power of Canadian workers to benefit the corporate elites.

Clearly, despite the establishment’s effort to make any discussion of immigration or any desire to lower immigration levels sound like “racism,” Canadians are ignoring the politically correct spin and have a strong sense that Canada’s capacity to welcome new people every year is not limitless. Yet once again, rather than listen to Canadians, the Trudeau government is prioritizing the needs of the citizens of foreign countries and the elites, instead of doing what’s best for Canada.

That brings us back to the intensity of opposition mentioned above. With nearly 1/3rd of Canadians strongly opposing the Trudeau governments plan on immigration, and an overall majority opposing, that is a clear sign that Canadians are setting a limit in terms of the levels of immigration the country is willing to support. That’s why the Conservatives should have the political courage to criticize Trudeau’s increased immigration targets, and call for stronger protection of our border and stronger enforcement of our border laws. It’s a position millions of common-sense Canadians will support.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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