POLL: Conservatives & Liberals Tied At 35%, More Canadians Say Trudeau Failures Outweigh Accomplishments

Almost two years after taking power, Trudeau has seen a slow, but steady decline in his popularity.

A new Angus-Reid poll shows the Conservatives and Liberals locked in a dead heat. Here are the key numbers:

  • Conservatives – 35%
  • Liberals – 35%
  • NDP – 18%
  • Bloc – 4%
  • Green – 6%

The Conservatives lead in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, and are tied with the Liberals in Ontario. The Liberals lead in Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

The Conservative Party is also holding on to more sustained support, as 90% of those who voted Conservative in 2015 say they will do so again. Meanwhile, just 71% of 2015 Liberal voters say they will vote that way again.

Canadians divided on Trudeau government, more say Trudeau failures outweigh accomplishments

In addition to the top-line numbers, Canadians are almost evenly divided in their perception of the Trudeau government. 48% say they approve of the Trudeau government’s performance, while 45% disapprove. The approval is driven by the support of the 18-34 year-old segment, while more of those over 35 and older disapprove.

When asked whether the Trudeau governments failures outweigh their accomplishments, or the opposite, 39% say there are more failures, while 34% say there are more accomplishments. 26% say they don’t know.

This shows the continued decline of Trudeau’s support, and the increasing division in our country. However, the Conservatives still have work to do. They have rarely reached the all-important 40% mark, and must keep up a tough and aggressive message to further erode Trudeau’s numbers. While Canadians are seeing through Trudeau’s lies and spin, we know that as the 2019 election gets closer and closer, the establishment will do everything they can to prop up Trudeau, and only a sustained campaign against his failures and deceptions will ensure his defeat.

Spencer Fernando

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