THOUGHT POLICE: CBC News Lectures Canadians About Halloween On Twitter

A totally unacceptable use of a taxpayer-funded service.

Canadians don’t choose to give our money to CBC. It gets taken through our tax dollars whether we like it or not. That makes CBC a government service, and government services are supposed to be applied in a neutral, non-partisan way.

Unfortunately, we all know that CBC is often used by the far-left to push their politically correct agenda, and attempt to shape the opinions of Canadians to a specific set of elitist and globalist ideas, instead of reflect the true views of the Canadian people.

Often times, that takes the form of lecturing Canadians about what our views are supposed to be according to those in power. As you can see below, that’s exactly what happened in a recent Twitter exchange from the CBC Toronto account.

The tweet was brought to widespread attention by Twitter user @1236:

Here are screenshots of what happened next:

We shouldn’t be paying for this BS

This arrogant political correctness from the CBC Toronto account is total BS, and we shouldn’t be paying for it. That account should be reporting the story in a neutral way, not taking a side, and certainly not going after those who disagree and giving them an arrogant lecture about Halloween.

Any organization that takes taxpayer dollars has a clear responsibility to set aside their own agenda. Of course, those in power – especially Trudeau and his fellow elites – want to use the CBC as a way to push their worldview onto our country, whether people like it or not.

That’s why we need independent media now more than ever, because that’s where the true views of Canadians can be found. And that’s why we shouldn’t be forced to pay our tax dollars for the CBC to push an ideological agenda on us.

Spencer Fernando



The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

“And the band plays on.” Same old, same old. This insane level of governing will not cease, nor will it diminish unless and until the present government is in the trash bucket, from whence it came. Unfortunately, for Canadians who are, by and large, very forgiving and willing to give governments second chances, our political naivety has brought us to the ‘edge of the crevice,’ where, if my memory is correct, it has been sagely suggested that the wise thing would be to step back. We all know that reality will not happen because the sole aim of this government… Read more »


With the halloween costumes that some people wear daily, it is normal that kids who tend to be lazy will choose one of those. Specially during the halloween, the weather can get pretty cold, so a lot of covering is highly recommended. Oh well , some people have no sense of humour. By the way, this is a Canadian value too.

occupant 9

Remember, some cultures enriching us don’t have a sense of humor or forbid it outright … so-o-o-o in order to be a good diversity-compliant citizen, we must lose ours entirely.

When do we reach peak diversity?


When we all wear burka. …..that will be peak diversity. I know it isn’t, but for the Left it will be. And with Bill 103 you won’t be able to criticize.


People still refuse to think outside the box , I mean , what are we waiting for to march on the Hill and demand the removal of the criminal entity we call the Liberal Party ? We sit idly by and complain on social medias & the government knows this . And it is the reason they impose their every whim and fancy , that crosses their minds , on us . Our fore fathers fought and died for our freedom , what a dishonor to them . We are allowing corruption to rule our land . Since when has… Read more »