Quebec Poised To Ban Face Coverings For Public Workers & Recipients Of Services

Bill 62 – a policy put forward by the Quebec government, is poised to stop people wearing face coverings from either delivering or receiving government services unless they are willing to show their face.

As others have reported, if the legislation passes, Muslim women covering their faces with the niqab or burka would have to uncover their faces to deliver or receive services. It would apply to workers in all government sectors, and would extend to those using government services.

Here’s what Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée said about the legislation in a media interview:

“As long as the service is being rendered, the face should be uncovered. This is a bill about le vivre ensemble (living together in harmony), it’s a bill about guidelines and clearly establishes neutrality of the state.” 

While some have criticized the law, both main opposition parties in Quebec want the law to be even tougher, showing a strong consensus within Quebec that people should not be allowed to hide their identity when receiving or delivering a public service.

Additionally, the law would also apply to protesters wearing masks, so the virtue-signallers will have a tough time making this into a “religious issue,” though that hasn’t stopped far-left Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre (aka the guy who criticizes the oil sands while dumping raw sewage into the water), from saying the law conflicts with Montreal’s multiculturalism. Of course, Coderre doesn’t explain what covering your identity has to do with multiculturalism.

Common sense

Regardless of what the politically correct elites try to say, Bill 62 is a reasonable, common sense policy. Showing your face is simply a basic part of delivering or receiving a public service, particularly for communication and security reasons. And, it’s totally reasonable to expect people – regardless of where they are from in the world – to show their face in public when in Canada.

Ironically, Justin Trudeau – who likes demonizing those who disagree with his elitist political correctness as bigots – has yet to lob that accusation at the Quebec Liberal government.

I wonder why?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube/Twitter

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Elisabeth Snyder

This would be great news. The misogenous niquab has absolutely no place in a democratic society. It is oppressive and supports sharia inititives. Bravo to Quebec for taking a stand on this issue!

jack grandville

Agreed, Elisabeth.


Anyone who comes to Canada should adapt to Canadian customs. No-one should ever have their face covered for security and other reasons. When Canadians travel to middle east or counties with different Cultures, we must respect their cultures and laws and so should these people.

jack grandville

Agreed, Darlene.

Roger Shelswell

How about the private services Do they have to put up with the masked bandits.I would certainly hope not.I would not allow one in my office and I hope no one else would.

jack grandville

There is absolutely no reason for any person appearing in public, or in need of public service — which is paid for by the public — to have their face covered. NONE!