REPORT: Sneaky Moneybags Keeps Ownership Of Morneau-Sheppell By Using Ethics Loophole

The ethics problems keep piling up for Canada’s sneaky and deceptive Finance Minister Bill “Moneybags” Morneau.

After Justin Trudeau was caught in a lie when he tried throwing Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson under the bus in a pathetic and dishonest attempt to protect Sneaky Moneybags Morneau, it’s getting even worse for the Trudeau government.

According to a new report, Sneaky Moneybags is using an ethics loophole to avoid putting shares of Morneau-Sheppell into a blind trust. As noted by CTV News, Morneau keeps control of the shares “by using a loophole in the ethics law that Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson says she flagged long ago.”

In an interview, Dawson said “He doesn’t hold them, the corporation holds them, that’s the legal entity.” So, Morneau owns the corporation which owns the shares, which somehow lets him get around putting the assets in a blind trust.

Morneau’s holdings were reportedly worth around $40 million in 2011. Morneau has a numbered company in Alberta, and another one in Ontario. As reported, “Six weeks before the 2015 election, Morneau’s wife Nancy McCain was made director of the Ontario holding company according to its corporate filings. She also received employment income from the Alberta corporation, according to the ethics disclosure he filed with Dawson.”

You’re seeing the irony and hypocrisy here. Morneau went after small, local Canadian businesses for using what he called “loopholes” and for giving income to their family members from the business. Yet, his tax changes did nothing to go after his own companies or stop his wife from getting income from one of his companies. It seems Morneau wanted to punish small businesses while ensuring he and his fellow elites were left untouched.

Even worse than the hypocrisy, is that Morneau used a loophole to maintain ownership of shares, while he is in a position to make decisions that could potentially benefit him financially. It’s total arrogance, sneakiness, and a brutal contempt for Canadian taxpayers, and it’s obvious to all common sense Canadians that Moneybags Morneau must resign.

Spencer Fernando


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