Bombardier’s Capitulation To Airbus A Sign Of Canada’s Eroding Economic Sovereignty

Canadian taxpayer money was used to prop up a company that is selling their best asset to a European corporation.

If the Trudeau government approves the deal that turns the CSeries into a European plane, it will represent a weak and pathetic capitulation, and the further erosion of our economic strength and sovereignty.

It also represents a total betrayal of Canadian taxpayers.

Consider this: Canadian taxpayers at both the federal and provincial level have shelled out billions of dollars to keep Bombardier alive. A big part of that money was to keep the CSeries project going. And yet, Airbus has control of the plane, and paid nothing for it. Even worse, a few years down the road Airbus has the option of taking a 100% stake in the CSeries, meaning that if the plane becomes super profitable the European-owned Airbus corporation will get all the benefit.

Even worse, the Trudeau government is trying to sell the deal by mentioning that it creates new jobs in Alabama. But, the deal doesn’t create any new jobs in Canada. So, not only did Bombardier capitulate to Airbus, the Trudeau government is capitulating to the Trump Administration by trying to create jobs in the US in a desperate attempt to curry favour with the American executive.

Of course, rather than give in, both Bombardier and the Trudeau government (though they seem like the same thing these days) should have been tough and projected strength. Instead, Canada has now been robbed of even more of our economic sovereignty, and taxpayers have been betrayed, with no new jobs and no new benefit to Canadians to show for it.

As our exports and manufacturing sector continues to struggle, the loss of the CSeries as a Canadian plane is yet another example of how Canadians are losing control over our national economy, and are being sold out over and over again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Jean Pierre LaRocque

Trudeau wants to rid this country of all manufacturing Companies! In this way there will be much less pollution and the Paris Accord will easily be reached!!! OIL from Saudi or any other country is their pollution not ours!!!!!! I wish there was another way then waiting 4 yrs to rid ourselves of this so called government who kisses ass to Indigenous and environmental groups and the elite and be damned THE PEOPLE!!!!!

Pete Black

Gerald Butts is the instigator of this environmental sell off and he is not even an elected Liberal. He has already wrecked Ontario by leading Mcguinty by the nose into the Green Energy Disaster Act


Airbus paid a billion. I want it back as it isn’t bombadeer money, it belongs to Canadians. Quebec was only able to shovel money into bombadeer because they get welfare transfer money from Western Canada. Give it back to Saskatchewan and Alberta.