Failed Finance Minister Bill “Moneybags” Morneau Must Resign

Morneau has lost any credibility or authority he may have once had, and he has totally lost the trust of the Canadian people.

Bill Morneau must resign. His time as Finance Minister got off to a terrible start, after it was announced that the Trudeau government would break all their promises on budget deficits and red ink extended into the future as far as the eye could see.

Then, the government announced that the promised small business tax cut (which was supposed to happen quickly after the election), would be cancelled. It was only brought back as the public turned against Trudeau and Morneau’s tax attack on small businesses.

And now, with those two failures already weighing down Morneau’s credibility, the revelation that he used an ethics loophole to avoid putting his shares into a blind trust has destroyed any shred of authority he may have had.

The simple truth is that Canadians can no longer have any confidence in anything Morneau does. There’s no way for us to know whether he’s acting in the interests of the country, or using his position to further his own financial interests instead, and given his secrecy and use of loopholes, many Canadians now think it’s the latter.

Morneau can’t talk about tax fairness when he uses loopholes himself, and then makes legislative changes that slam small businesses while leaving his corporations and his fellow elites untouched. It’s a total political fraud at this point.

Moneybags Morneau has now become the personification of a system many Canadians rightfully believe is rigged and corrupt, and he has no business being the finance minister of our great nation.

It’s time for Moneybags to go.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Liberals can’t even spell the word ethics. It has no meaning to them.

Check out DISQUS where many of us who follow Spencer hang out. It’s disturbing that Trudeau & Morneau throw this “ethics” thing in our faces when they have so overwhelmed the Ethics Commissioner with their crap that she has been either unwilling or unable to declare Trudeau guilty of accepting illegal helicopter rides. She should increase her staff to try to handle the Liberal workload.


As long as the media keep the liberals corruptions to bare minimum in the news, Canadians will lose interest and forget.
There at no gusty reporters out there to take the liberals on face to face instead we have cowards.



alan skelhorne

resign really, now isn,t that a laugh. really people has said it from the beginning i will do what i want, and when i want, and there isn,t anyone out there to stop me. is he above the law yeppers. just take a look at the way he treats the rcmp. really, he is right in one thing, he doesn,t have any values.


I wish more people would follow politics so these types of people woild not be elected but alas that is not the case…just look at the results which occurred in Calgary this week and that says a lot.

jack grandville

Yepper – – sort of says it all — eh?

jack grandville

Does anyone truly believe he will resign?