HORRIBLE DEAL: Bombardier Got Just $1 DOLLAR For Giving Up CSeries To Airbus

Bombardier spent $6 billion developing the CSeries. Airbus got it for $1.

As if it’s not bad enough that Canada lost control of the CSeries jet – after years of Canadian taxpayers keeping it alive with bailouts – we now know how much Airbus paid for the majority stake.


That’s it.

After spending $6 billion developing it, Bombardier let a competitor take majority ownership of their best plane for just $1.

And that’s not even the worst of it.

Airbus also has an option to take control of 100% of the CSeries down the road.

So, Canadian taxpayers basically spent billions of dollars funding the research and development of the CSeries, only for Airbus to scoop it up for free.

To add insult to injury, the only new jobs being created as a result of the deal are in Alabama, even though that’s no guarantee that the CSeries will be able to avoid tariffs in the US.


Spencer Fernando

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Clive Edwards

When Diefenbakee sold us out to the Americans on the Avro Arrow we got American BOMARC missiles placed in Canada under American control. We couldn’t even fire them but the Americans could. These missiles were to protect the U.S. Any Russian bikes they shot down would fall on Canada, not the U.S.


If I remember correctly, those missiles had trouble operating in rain, cold and even heavy cloud cover. Essentially useless. One of the most stupid decisions made by Deifenbaker.


What does that have to do with anything, Clive.
With this maneuver alone, Trudeau, Chretien, Bombardier and and co. stole untold millions from Canadian taxpayers.

Sue Scriver

We should take them to court and sue them! Theives!


Bombardier has always had an excellent and dedicated work force led by management that was nothing short of pathetic. The problem has been a deadly combination of arrogance, refusal to accept business realities, and the comfort from knowing the government would always backstop them financially. I believe they finally have a competent management team and this deal with Airbus is life saver. Would Canadian taxpayers rather have 100% of a dead horse or 39% of one that can be a winner? Remember that the Challenger program began as a financial disaster and turned into a major success including the launch… Read more »