Quebec Approves Bill 62 Requiring Uncovered Faces For Government Services

The legislation means those who deliver or receive government services must show their faces, which would require the removal of face coverings such as masks and the niqab or burka.

Bill 62 has passed in Quebec. Members of the Quebec Liberal Party voted in favour, while the opposition parties voted against, because they want an even tougher law.

As I recently reported, “While some have criticized the law, both main opposition parties in Quebec want the law to be even tougher, showing a strong consensus within Quebec that people should not be allowed to hide their identity when receiving or delivering a public service.”

Good policy

While the elites are already criticizing the policy, it is simply common sense. In this country, we expect that people will show their faces when receiving services, and it’s totally reasonable to apply that to everyone in our nation. Other provinces, and the federal government should bring in similar legislation to Bill 62. After all, policy should be decided by the common sense of Canadians, not elitist political correctness.

Spencer Fernando


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Sounds pretty good to me! Finally common sense is winning!


This is a great win…. but the saddest reality of it is…. that it was even up for debate. This is Canada people… it was a no brainer.


I wish the rest of Canada would do this!!!


This is simply a Law regarding being masked in public. It is similar to laws regarding masked robberies and other criminal acts. When questioned, Muslimas and many “femeninists” claim that wearing masks like this have absolutely nothing to do with “religion”, that they are not forced to hide their faces and that it is personal preference, that they can dress the way they want. Hiding your identity is wrong. The fascist Antifa terrorists would be in violation of Bill 62 and I expect this will apply to halloween costumes. Muslims cannot use the excuse that wearing a mask in public… Read more »