KARMA: Trudeau’s Divisive Gutter Politics Are Coming Back To Haunt Him

Justin Trudeau and Moneybags Morneau tried playing Class Warfare. Now, it’s totally backfiring on them.

There’s a repeated pattern in Justin Trudeau’s “governance.” Whenever he runs into trouble, he accuses his opponents of doing exactly what he’s doing.

That’s what’s happening now, as Justin Trudeau is trying to say the opposition parties are playing “gutter politics” over the ethical troubles facing Moneybags Morneau.

Of course, we can see that this is total BS. Trudeau is the one who played gutter politics as he and his finance minister tried to use class warfare tactics to sell their deceptive attack on Canada’s local businesses. If they weren’t both so arrogant, they might have realized that two rich elites with massive personal fortunes wouldn’t benefit from a class warfare strategy. Yet, they tried it anyway, heading deep into the gutter to divide Canadians and generate anger towards small businesses.

Thankfully, Canadians have seen through it. As Moneybags’ ethical troubles add up and Trudeau pathetically tries throwing the Conflict of Interest (or “Conflict of Ethics” as Trudeau says it) Commissioner under the bus to deflect from the growing scandal surrounding his government, Canadians are realizing that Trudeau is an increasingly dishonest and divisive politician.

It’s a classic case of Karma. Trudeau’s attempt to divide Canadians is backfiring, and his gutter politics have boomeranged on him, the finance minister, and the entire government. Canadians can see that the only one playing “Gutter Politics” is Justin Trudeau, and he’s starting to pay the price for it.

Spencer Fernando


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