SNEAKY: Moneybags Morneau Told Former Company He Would Use Blind Trust, Then Didn’t

Looks like it’ll be another bad day for Moneybags. Will he avoid Question Period again?

Bill “Moneybags” Morneau’s problems aren’t coming to an end anytime soon. As he continues to face massive criticism for refusing to put his fortune in a blind trust (and continues to avoid Question Period), a new report reveals that he told his former company he would use a blind trust, then “changed his mind.”

As reported in the Globe & Mail, “Finance Minister Bill Morneau told the company he once helmed that he would be placing his substantial holdings of Morneau Shepell in a blind trust – a mechanism used by cabinet members in office to insulate themselves from conflict-of-interest accusations. Ultimately, he changed his mind and instead indirectly kept his holdings – a decision that only came to light this week when The Globe and Mail reported that Mr. Morneau had not used a blind trust, as Justin Trudeau did for his family fortune.”

According to the report, the director of corporate communications for Morneau Shepell said “Just prior to leaving the company in October, 2015, we understood from Mr. Morneau that his shares were to be placed in a blind trust.”

Additionally, in 2015 as he prepared to take the position of finance minister, Morneau said that he would put his shares in a blind trust.

Say one thing, do another

Time and time again, there’s been a big gap between what Sneaky Moneybags says, and what actually happens. It seems everyone was under the impression that he put his shares in a blind trust, while he instead used a loophole to put his shares in a private corporation which he owned, thus maintaining control. The potential for a conflict of interest is very serious, considering his decisions as finance minister could directly impact shares he still maintains control over. As a result, Moneybags Morneau and the entire Trudeau government now face a massive ethical crisis, and a loss of legitimacy with much of the public.

And day by day, it seems the revelations keep on coming. The longer Moneybags Morneau stays in the finance minister role, the more clear it becomes that the Trudeau government has total contempt for Canadian taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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