Establishment Criticism Of Quebec’s Bill 62 Shows Massive Gap Between The Arrogant Elites & Common-Sense People

87% of Quebec residents support Bill 62, yet the arrogant elitist establishment acts like it’s some sort of fringe proposal.

It’s been very interesting to watch the criticism of Bill 62, the law requiring that people uncover their faces to receive or deliver government services.

The law has massively strong support throughout Quebec. The Quebec Liberals passed it, and the two main opposition parties only voted against it because they thought it should be even tougher.

The widespread support among Quebec’s political parties matches the almost unanimous support for Bill 62 among the Quebec public. An Angus-Reid poll from October 4, 2017 showed a whopping 87% of Quebec residents supported the Bill.

62% support it strongly, while 25% moderately support it. Just 4% strongly oppose it.

Yet, politicians across the political spectrum, from Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, to even the Ontario PC Party, have opposed the legislation to varying degrees. And much of the elitist media has been condemning it, seemingly totally ignorant of what people really think.

Representatives of the people have the right to express the will of those they serve

There was a time where I would have criticized Bill 62 out of a sense of political correctness. But, like an increasing number of Canadians, I’ve realized that the values that underpin our society must be upheld by those who claim to serve the public. If a country, or a province, is unable to declare what their values are and can’t require people to show their face when dealing with servants of the public, then where can we ever draw the line on what we will and won’t accept as a society?

If the government can’t enforce what 87% of the people want, then that government is no longer a democracy.

Yet, those like Trudeau, Singh, and even apparently some in the Ontario PC Party, have taken an elitist position that would arrogantly ignore the will of the vast majority of Quebec residents. Of course, we know that those same politicians are too cowardly to speak out against Female Genital Mutilation, or condemn nations where women are horribly oppressed. Instead, they play the virtue-signalling game while ignoring the will of the people.

We can bet that the numbers outside Quebec of those who support legislation like Bill 62 would be similar to the 87% figure. You can already see some of the gap from the Twitter polls below:

We can also bet that our own so-called “leaders” in the elitist establishment would ignore the common-sense views of Canadians, and instead impose their own arrogant elitist political correctness.

This growing gap between the elitist establishment and the Canadian people is a big concern, since it shows that those in power have decoupled themselves from an actual connection with the views of most Canadians. That connection must be re-established, or our country will continue to head towards a serious crisis of political legitimacy, which could erode our national unity and put the country at grave risk.

Spencer Fernando


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I absolutely support the bill….it’s ‘crazy’ that it is even up for debate. The “HOST” countries values ‘MUST” be embraced in order for immigration to be successful. Without apology. People need to know that when they move here…that way they can make an informed decision as to whether or not Canada is the best place for them. It will also remove the horrendous accusations that Canadians are racist and intolerant. Nothing could be further from the truth…we just love ‘our’ country enough to stand up for the Judeo Christian values that made it so great. We shouldn’t be shamed for… Read more »

Timothy Hickey

Finally a government that acts on the Will of the People! Now, the federal government needs a reboot too! Until such a time as the decision-making of the nation reflects the Leadership and the Will of a Real Majority of Canadians, we too will not know a true democracy! 2019 will give Canadians an opportunity to take a hold of the WHIP through 338 Non-Partisans who will be elected to serve a Canadian VISION, on a simple Mandate, driven by a Real Majority of the People of this country! Removing the WHIP from partisan politics will give Canada a VALUE!… Read more »

Jean Pierre LaRocqaue

We need to give a boot to the present so called Trudeau government.. What a bunch of low lives!!!


I sure do support the bill and would like to see it in place across the country. Many other countries have already put in place such laws and more will do so. It is a right and privilege to be a Canadian and as part of that right and privilege everyone should show their face at all times. It is interesting that older Muslim women do not agree with covering your face and say that no where in the Koran is their anything saying you should. Yet, young women who pertain to be feminists and Muslim (something wrong with those… Read more »

Old Canadian Patroit

OMG Thank you Tanya . When in Rome do as the Roman’s do, or leave. Do not be fooled by the Muslim Brotherhood and their plans for a Shari’ah Canada.


For some reason, the pathetic politically correct gang have instantly assumed this is about Muslims. It isn’t. It is clearly aimed at the so called “antifa” fascists, terrorists who delight in terrorizing and threatening everyone and anyone who doesn’t think and act like the fascists want them to. Those horrible cowardly little terrorists in their black hoodie uniforms, masks hiding their faces to hide their identities, protective goggles hiding their eyes. Many arm themselves with pepper spray, steel rods, shields and knives in order to attack and injure those who promote free speech. We have all seen the pictures of… Read more »

Jean Pierre LaRocqaue

That is a farce!!!! I agree with you!!

Clive Edwards

Oh, sure. And hoodies, oversized baseball caps with wrap around sunglasses….
How about “the people’s servants in government”, where you can’t meet face to face anymore. They hide behind internet connections and computers. Go to a government office to request any “service” and you will be directed to a computer terminal, even if it is to communicate with someone hiding in the back.




Including ALL public services is going too far. Restricting getting on a bus is a bit extreme. The world has gone insane trying to counter jihadist terrorists but there has to be some form of trying to track and monitor such killers. Facial recognition software is getting quite sophisticated and hiding behind a mask makes it almost useless. Let’s take it to the other side. If hiding your identity is perfectly acceptable, then no form of ID should be used. What’s next, passports without a picture? A blank driver’s licence, a blank health care card? Applying for welfare would be… Read more »

Jessie Jackson

I do have to admit that the rollout of Bill 62 has been poor, including its name, but also its focus on the individual covering their face, rather than those who force them to do so. That should be the focus. There are arguments on both sides, of course, and advocates of either side are caught up in hyperbole with the anti-bill 62 side hurling epithets at the other side such as Islamophobe, bigot, racist, and worse. The pro-Bill 62 side at times resorts to exaggeration, stating that Canadian or Quebecois culture is under siege and that PM Trudeau is… Read more »