RADICAL RIFKIN: The Far-Left Extremist Influencing Justin Trudeau’s National Energy Policies

Far-left activist Jeremy Rifkin wants to end the “carbon-based capitalist system.” Now, the Trudeau government is listening to him on the future of energy in Canada.

As noted by Terence Corcoran in the Financial Post, Rifkin was invited by Jim Carr as a top “intellectual” to discuss “Pan-Canada” energy.

Said Corcoran, a previous voice being listened to by the Trudeau government on energy was Dominic Barton, but “With his fixation on the need for more corporate social responsibility, Barton these days probably seems a little too moderate for Prime Minister Trudeau’s principal secretary, Gerald Butts, and other Liberal insiders with more radical agendas. They want it darker. Never mind re-imagining capitalism; what we need is post-capitalism, an end to capitalism, zero carbon, zero oil and zero gas. Zero capitalism.”

Corcoran points out that Rifkin wants to end the “carbon-based capitalist system,” replacing it with a new “Collaborative Commons.”

Also, “Rifkin, now in his 70s, began as an anti-Vietnam war activist in the 1960s before moving on to anti-oil activism in the 1970s. He was an organizer of the 1973 Boston Oil Party, a staged demonstration event to mark the 200th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. “Nixxon, Exxon, ITT — throw the tyrants into the sea,” read one of the Oil Party’s placards.”

As if that’s not concerning enough, Corcoran makes a point that raises serious doubts about the Trudeau government:

“More importantly, nobody asked how or why an extremist with a long and obvious history of radical activism was called in by the government of Canada to act as the cheerleader for a rethink of national energy policy and a statist takeover of much of the economy.”

Rifkin has written many books, including ones about the “end of work,” and “beyond beef.” Notes Corcoran, a key theme in Rifkin’s books is  “a world where most goods and services are nearly free, profit is defunct, property is meaningless, and the market is superfluous.”

Not the kind of thinking you want to hear the government promoting.

Here’s another excerpt from one of Rifkin’s books:

“The worldwide energy web, like the worldwide communications web, will allow us to connect every human being on the planet with every other in an invisible and interdependent economic and social matrix.”

Such a “matrix” would supposedly eliminate the need for things like beef, oil, work, and capitalism.

Says Rifkin, “The elimination of beef will be accompanied by an ecological renaissance . . . By eliminating beef from the human diet, our species takes a significant step toward a new species consciousness, reaching out in a spirit of shared partnership with the bovine and, by extension, other sentient creatures with whom we share the earth.”

Uh huh…

Corcoran really brings up an essential question:

Why is the Trudeau government listening to Radical Rifkin?

This seems to be the real thinking behind Trudeau’s policies

It’s no surprise to anyone that Trudeau has radical views hidden beneath his crafted media image. After all, whenever he goes off script he tends to say some incredibly dumb and frankly disturbing things – such as his admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship,” (ironically Rifkin claims to have advised China) and his pathetically fawning eulogy of communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Trudeau’s advisers know they have to work slowly and methodically towards their extreme goals. So, they might approve one pipeline project over here, while making sure that three or four others get cancelled, and then bring in policies to cripple the future of the energy industry without destroying it in one fell-swoop. Yet, their end goal may be no less extreme than Rifkin – the destruction of the economy as we know it, in return for something that would certainly leave the vast majority of us far poorer.

After all, Rifkin fits in well with the ideology of Trudeau and his cronies: He’s the kind of elitist academic who sits up there in his comfortable ivory tower coming up with policies that would destroy the livelihoods of everyone in our entire energy industry and manufacturing sector, devastating the middle class and wiping out the working class economically. 

The fact that the Trudeau government is now listening to someone like Radical Rifkin as they set their national energy policy is incredibly disturbing and should be concerning to all Canadians who want to see our country have prosperity instead of poverty.

Read all of Terence Corcoran’s article on Rifkin here.

Spencer Fernando

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