VIDEO: Arrogant #MoneybagsMorneau Refuses To Apologize For Betraying Trust Of Canadians

And he tried throwing the Ethics Commissioner under the bus again…

In Question Period, NDP Ethics Critic Nathan Cullen asked the Finance Minister if he would apologize for “abusing the trust of Canadians.”

Cullen pointed out that Moneybags Morneau told everybody that he had put his assets in a blind trust, when it turns out that wasn’t the case. By doing so, Morneau betrayed the trust of Canadians, and has lost all credibility.

Yet, instead of apologizing, Morneau used the Trudeau-tactic of taking zero responsibility and blaming others. Moneybags threw the Ethics Commissioner under the bus again, pathetically trying to shift the blame. Watch Morneau’s arrogance in the video below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.


If  you think Moneybags Morneau should resign, help spread the hashtag #HasMorneauResignedYet. Canadians can’t let up on holding Morneau and the entire Trudeau government accountable for their arrogant and disgraceful elitism and betrayal of the trust of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Check out Moreau’s Facebook page. He continues to lie to Canadians about why he has a numbered company in Alberta and not Ontario. We all know it is to evade taxes, but he won’t admit it. Instead he falls back to his complying with ethics commissioner. Any normal middle class person who works for a publicly traded company, such as Mornell Schepell, knows that there are stringent ethics codes and it applies to all employees. Funny how he has no knowledge of ethics! Yes, Morneau you were caught at cheating Canadians by not paying your fair share. Of course Trudeau… Read more »

alan skelhorne

typical liberal bull crap. why don,t the people of canada, realise what these two idiots ruining canada is all about. i guess in reality, we have too wait until 2019 for the election, by then it will be all forgotten. sad canada, very sad.


I don’t think it will be forgotten. The buffoon of Prime Minister has special talent of digging himself deeper into the hole, plus he surrenders himself with really poor advisors. Any reasonable political operator would let Morneau go, forget about messing with the tax code and switch the subject. Then again , Liberals are not that smart. In 2019 they should have t-shirts for their supporters ” I am with the stupid”.