Trudeau Rewards Illegal Crossings, Almost 70% Of ‘Asylum’ Claims Reviewed By IRB Have Been Approved

That’s despite Trudeau saying that those who cross illegally wouldn’t be rewarded. Yet another lie.

This will now serve as a clear signal for more people to cross into Canada illegally, and will send a message around the world that Canada’s government is unwilling to enforce respect for our border or our laws.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “According to new data from the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), 10,790 asylum claims were referred to the IRB between March and September. Of the 592 cases – or 5.4 per cent – the IRB processed during that period, 408 – or 69 per cent – were accepted as legitimate refugee claims.”

While Trudeau benefits by being able to virtue-signal on the world stage as the guy who lets everybody in, the Canadian people will pay the price, as already over-burdened social services get even worse. Many Canadian workers will face more competition from illegal border crossers who are being given work permits and will work at low-wage jobs.

And those who are showing respect for Canada, by waiting patiently in line and following the rules to get into our country the legal way will also suffer. Their applications will be delayed, and their chance to enter Canada will be reduced, all because Justin Trudeau decided to reward those who broke the rules, instead of rewarding those who have already shown that they respect Canada enough to do things the right way.

Of course, the government is trying to downplay the numbers, saying that since they are based on 5% of the total claims referred to the Immigration and Refugee Board so far. Yet, considering that the Trudeau government purged the IRB of Conservative appointees, we can expect future claims to be approved at the same, or even higher percentage.

After all, Trudeau has spent so much time crafting an image as a globalist leader who serves the world (instead of Canadians), and for him to reject a bunch of applications – even though they’re from a safe first world country – wouldn’t fit with his globalist branding.

So, once again the interests of Canadians will take a back seat to Trudeau’s political ambitions.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Old Canadian Patroit

How can Canadian people have him removed from office?

alan skelhorne

one word old canadian patriot……impossible……..

Don Taylor

Make sure that you never vote Lieberal,Canada is sick and tired of their bullsh-t


Or NDP both are socialists and are against us they voted for Bill M 103.




The Liberial and NDP both are socialists and are against us they voted for Bill M 103. Trudeau is trying to destroy our democracy by letting criminals in and protecting them. He is breaking immigration laws, and getting away with it. There should be laws to protect Canadians citizens and taxpayers against corrupt government, Trudeau should be removed from office as he is committed treason against Canada and our Charter of rights!

jack grandville

“…..another lie.” Why should that stand out in any manner as unusual? With the exception of his name and address and day today salutations to acquaintances, almost every time he opens his mouth to speak, what he says is a lie. That alone is his mantra.