Canadians Want Face-Covering Ban Like Bill 62 Implemented Across Our Country

In contrast to the virtue-signalling of the weak political class, true public opinion in Canada supports common-sense legislation banning face-coverings.

The debate over Quebec’s Bill 62 banning face veiling has revealed a wide chasm between the common-sense opinions of most people, and the weak virtue-signalling political class.

Much of the establishment media, and establishment of all political parties have condemned the legislation, with some even foolishly calling it “racist.”

And yet, public opinion is much different.

As I recently reported, an Angus-Reid poll shows 87% of Quebec residents support Bill 62, which is why face-veil bans have near unanimous support among Quebec’s political parties.

Opinion in the entire country overall is similar, as 82% of Canadians supported a rule banning face-veiling at Canadian Citizenship ceremonies.

And when I asked what people thought about whether legislation like Bill 62 should be introduced across Canada, here was the result:

Over 1,000 people voted, with an overwhelming majority (87%) saying they support it, and just 13% opposing it.

Clearly, many Canadians want to see our country stand up for our values and security. And, as has been reported, numerous countries already have face veiling bans.

Canada needs leaders who refuse to bow to elitist political correctness, and actually start listening to the real opinions of Canadians. If they did, Canada would surely join the list of nations that ban face-veiling.

Spencer Fernando

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