Canadians Want Face-Covering Ban Like Bill 62 Implemented Across Our Country

In contrast to the virtue-signalling of the weak political class, true public opinion in Canada supports common-sense legislation banning face-coverings.

The debate over Quebec’s Bill 62 banning face veiling has revealed a wide chasm between the common-sense opinions of most people, and the weak virtue-signalling political class.

Much of the establishment media, and establishment of all political parties have condemned the legislation, with some even foolishly calling it “racist.”

And yet, public opinion is much different.

As I recently reported, an Angus-Reid poll shows 87% of Quebec residents support Bill 62, which is why face-veil bans have near unanimous support among Quebec’s political parties.

Opinion in the entire country overall is similar, as 82% of Canadians supported a rule banning face-veiling at Canadian Citizenship ceremonies.

And when I asked what people thought about whether legislation like Bill 62 should be introduced across Canada, here was the result:

Over 1,000 people voted, with an overwhelming majority (87%) saying they support it, and just 13% opposing it.

Clearly, many Canadians want to see our country stand up for our values and security. And, as has been reported, numerous countries already have face veiling bans.

Canada needs leaders who refuse to bow to elitist political correctness, and actually start listening to the real opinions of Canadians. If they did, Canada would surely join the list of nations that ban face-veiling.

Spencer Fernando

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Why would intelligent Canadians not want to see anyone who we interact with? This is how we judge people…..Look them in the eye, survey their face, and decide exactly how we should proceed with the person. Covering their face and facial expressions shows us NOTHING.
I support freedom, and then have the common sense to show your face.


Absolutely, Bill 62 is a “NO BRAINER”. This Bill should be a Canada-Wide Bill! Anyone who Disagrees with Bill 62 Obviously doe NOT believe in Safety and Transparency. There are Many Countries where covering your face is the “Norm”. Canadians are not comfortable with face coverings and are even fearful. Children have fear and can’t understand why women dressed all in black with two slits for eye balls showing. If Muslims do not like Bill 62 and refuse to assimilate with “Canadians” they can go to these countries where they will fit in. Canadians won’t be Insulted!

Lisa Susin

Only reason for ANYONE to cover one’s face in public, is for medical or extreme weather.

don morris

Or if you are about to commit a crime and don’t want to be identified. Canadian culture has always been to distrust a masked person, for the very good reason that those who did hide their identity in the past were robbers,highwaymen,or holdup artists. Honest people don’t go about with their identity hidden. And THAT is part of OUR culture,Canada’s culture. The burkha,which is NOT a religious requirement of Islam, is a part of the culture in some of the most backward,repressive Countries in the world. Modern Muslims shun the damned thing, only the fundamentalist fanatics demand their women dress… Read more »

Chris vrecko

Ann you said it well. Amen and braco. This Canadian supports that bill. Don’t like it catch thee plane that will take you to your mecca

Kenneth Oblak

I don’t get it. Because the niquab issue is one that helped bring down the Harper government.


I agree completely with everyone above. Don, you are right on. The niquabi’s present conflicting arguments regarding the reasons for hiding behind a mask. On one hand they claim they can wear what they want and at the same time claim it is for religious reasons. Which is it? They claim they want to be perceived as themselves but this is impossible as we can’t see them. Canadians have learned to read body language which is impossible to do when the entire body is deliberately hidden. Until they prove themselves we naturally perceive them as threatening black objects. Hiding behind… Read more »


I want it banned, the Burka is nothing more than a global symbol of tyranny and oppression of women. I consider those who wear it a symbol of oppression and extremism. When the left simper, get the government out of our closets-Oh really, the same government that tells me-no forces me-to wear a helmet, a seat belt, safety shoes, a hard hat, a vest, see liberals you have no issue with the government in my closet when you agree with the nanny nation edicts.


Why care what they say / their reasons / their habits and traditions ……when in Rome…here in Canada, this is not tolerated !! why are these people accepting to live here and wanting us to change to suit them …and why is it so is simply SIMPLE ….

Jim Dejax

If I err – not === in the recent past if not still – it is/was illegal to hide your identity by covering your face in Canada. A face covered to facilitate the commission of a crime carries a harsh penalty ????????????????