Trudeau Government Selling Canada’s Last Inshore Coastal Survey Ship In Blow To Arctic Sovereignty

Our ability to project power and lay claim to our territory continues to weaken.

The Trudeau government is selling the Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Matthew.

It’s Canada’s last inshore coastal surveyor, and those who know it best say its loss will be a big low to Canada.

As reported in the National Post, “It’s absolutely appalling,” said Michael Lamplugh, a retired hydrographer with Canadian Hydrographic Service, who led the team on the Matthew for ten years until 2012. Just the sonar on board is worth more than Canada is asking, he said. And with no replacement, Canada risks not only domestic maritime safety, such as for cruise ships in the Northwest Passage, but also its geopolitical credibility in disputes over sovereignty in the Arctic Ocean.”

The move seems shortsighted, as the government is putting a short-term financial savings ahead of Canada retaining the ability to survey our coasts.

Many areas of the arctic still need a tremendous amount of surveying to increase accuracy and increase Canada’s ability to make strong and accurate territorial claims.

That’s why the decision to sell the CCGS Matthew should be reversed, and Canada should increase our investment in ships that help us assert sovereignty over all of our coasts and territory.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Wikipedia

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