VIDEO: Natasha Fatah Points Out Face-Veils Are Banned In Numerous Countries

Yet, the elites foolishly call Canadians who support face-veil bans “racists.”

Natasha Fatah – one of the best journalists in Canada – has done great work bringing a sense of balance and reason to the discussion of Bill 62.

Rather than just repeat the tired old elitist messaging that calls any assertion of values “racist,” Fatah uses facts to point out that there are numerous countries and regions that ban face coverings.

It’s a point that has been left out of much of the discussion in Canada, yet it’s essential to giving context to the efforts of Quebec, and the many people across our country who agree with what Quebec is doing.

Watch as Fatah discusses face veil bans around the world:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

The elites are totally out-of-touch with Canadians

The response to Bill 62 by the elites has been quite instructive. Most of the media (with exceptions like Fatah) have demonized the bill. Most politicians across the political spectrum have condemned it.

Yet, if you look at what most Canadians are saying online, in discussions, and in polls in Quebec, you can see that there is widespread support for Canada to assert our values and protect public safety through veil bans.

That’s why the silent majority of Canadians must get our voices out there and show that the elites are out-of-touch and don’t represent the real views in our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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don morris

The media,and I have watched this in panel discussions on both CTV and CBC, continue to refer to the burkha as a symbol of religious freedom. It is quite astonishing that so many of the media’s “intellectual elite” are banging this drum. It gives me the impression that perhaps they have little intellectual capacity but are merely bandwagon jumpers repeating whatever one of their peers first claimed. The burkha is NOT a religious symbol,there is NO commandment in the Koran or the Hadiths that a woman has to wear a body bag,only that she “dress modestly”. The burkha is symbolic… Read more »


If you notice, most of the protesters in Montreal are “white” women, who do not wear face coverings normally and I doubt profess Islam as their religion. Nothing like the ignorant protesting for perceived rights of others. Fact: A niqab is not a requirement of Islam. Fact: Most women wearing niqabs are 20 or 30 year olds trying to make a statement about their religion to show extra piety. It is their choice to wear them. Thought: People would be arrested for not wearing any clothes, so what is wrong with a law against covering your face for certain governmental… Read more »


Quick slightly off topic question but does the CBC know where Egypt and Saudi Arabia are?
The CBC map shown above lists Egypt but does not have Egypt coloured in.
It does have Saudi Arabia highlighted in bright red but Saudi is not on the list…
Oh CBC where do my tax dollars go? 🙁

Jay Jamieson

The original meaning of ” dress modestly” which applied to men too, was to not display your wealth in/on your garments. Therefore, dress humbly as a person with few wordly goods. When muslims go to Mecca, they must take off all adornments. What a shame that muslim men have contorted this message such that they make their women go out on hot days wrapped from head to toe….showing no ankle or wrist or hair on head. This is misery for these women and girls…while the men walk around in shorts and t-shirts.