WATCH: Justin Trudeau’s Laughably Pathetic ‘Answer’ On Bill 62

Trudeau tries to have it both ways, and ends up looking like a fool.

At a recent press conference, Justin Trudeau was asked about his opinion on Quebec’s Bill 62.

His ‘answer,’ if you can even call it that, was laughably pathetic.

His virtue-signalling is running up against his electoral ambitions in Quebec, so he’s trying to somehow have it both ways. Instead, he just looks like a fool: Too weak to take a stand either for the values Bill 62 supports, yet also too weak to fully commit to his already-weak virtue-signalling.

He can’t bring himself to criticize the Quebec government – because he knows Bill 62 is incredibly popular – but he can’t totally abandon his pandering to political correctness either. So, he spouts a jumble of garbage.

Watch the fool below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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this guy is so unfit , it is becoming DROLE ….


As usual. ah nothing!


“ends up looking like a fool” Story of his life. But hey, when you are really good at it…


He clearly did criticize Quebec’s legislation right in the video but it’s his job to be diplomatic. What do you expect him to do, call in the army?

Mike Bromley

Christian, if that was a “clear criticism”…..oh never mind. He was just being diplomatic. And you’ll clearly support anything Justin says or does.

jack grandville

He clearly said he would always stand up for the rights of individuals and women — and so on — but the truth says otherwise — and to even entertain M-103 as ‘necessary,’ belies everything he says about rights — we know that, he knows that, the government knows that — and, as usual, once he opens his mouth, he lies.

Don Taylor

Turdeau the consummate liar


I thought the legislation was about security…not about what women wear.