WATCH: Justin Trudeau’s Laughably Pathetic ‘Answer’ On Bill 62

Trudeau tries to have it both ways, and ends up looking like a fool.

At a recent press conference, Justin Trudeau was asked about his opinion on Quebec’s Bill 62.

His ‘answer,’ if you can even call it that, was laughably pathetic.

His virtue-signalling is running up against his electoral ambitions in Quebec, so he’s trying to somehow have it both ways. Instead, he just looks like a fool: Too weak to take a stand either for the values Bill 62 supports, yet also too weak to fully commit to his already-weak virtue-signalling.

He can’t bring himself to criticize the Quebec government – because he knows Bill 62 is incredibly popular – but he can’t totally abandon his pandering to political correctness either. So, he spouts a jumble of garbage.

Watch the fool below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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